How about 500 random posts in a pinboard style layout? You got it:

Rolling Watermelon Cooler is Well Worth the $230
Zipmark Bookmarks
Bone Collection Ninja USB Flash Drive
3-D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters
Griffin AirCurve Acoustic Amplifier is a Power-free iPhone Speaker
Steampunk iPad Case with Bluetooth Keyboard
Sing-a-Long Tongs for Impressing the Salad Dressing
Toepener is the Germ-free Way to Open Bathroom Doors
Floppy Disk Coffee Table
Kick this Mushroom to Charge Your Cell Phone
Waterproof Bag for the iPhone
Kid Piloted Inflatable Rolling Honeycomb
OMG They Killed Kenny…Doorstop
Russian Roulette Beer Bong
iPhone Dock Fan
Altoids Tin Catapult- Curiously Childlike
Empty Frame Chair is Ideal for Hanging Clothes On
Putting Keyboard Keys on Crocs is NOT an Improvement
Special Keyboard Just for Pirates
Keep on Truckin’ with the Big Rig USB Drive
Pen Holder Hard Drive Clock
Take a Wash on the Wild Side with Animal Print Sinks
The Corner Mirror Has Two Faces
Shocking Safe Offers Another Level of Protection
R2-D2 Snowglobe
The Decal Guru Laptop Decal Giveaway
The Dogbrella Keeps Your Dog Dry
Marshall Amplifier Laptop Bag
Bizarre Looking Multi Function Speaker
New Tokyoflash Watch: Kisai Rogue SR2
Avenging Unicorn Playset
Expanding Solar Lantern
Motion Activated Talking Yoda Sentry
World Cup Soccer (Football) Players USB Figures
80’s Mixtape iPhone Case
Endless Peeling Banana Toy for People Who Really Like to Peel Bananas
Vacuum Glove Wouldn’t Suck
Sajjadah 1426 Illuminated Prayer Rug
USB Stress Ball
Canoe Made of Chopsticks
Solar System INSIDE a Cake
Running Shoes Vending Machine
Phonophone II iPod Speaker is Retrofabulous
Real Madrid Stadium iPod Dock
8 Bit Pixel Trash Can
Green Lantern Ring Projects Symbol 50 Feet
USB Basketball Webcam
Self Disinfecting Toilet Brush
Candlestick Flashlight Combines Two Great Weapons
Clear Butter Mill Gives You Ribbons of Butter
iPod Supreme Rose Costs $95,000
Star Wars Salt and Pepper Shakers
Einstein’s Relativity Watch
Bikestache: Add a Mustache to your Bicycle
Gear Shift Radio Clicks but Doesn’t Clack
Darth Vader Cake Pan
NYC Subway Doors Backpack
MultiAccount Credit Cards
Crazy MacBook Trackpad Skins
iPod Earbuds Tie is Classy
Manhattan Stools
New Tokyoflash Watch: Kisai Rogue SR2
Giant Inflatable Robot Battle Fists
I Like Beer: Facebook Like Bottle Opener
Smartphone Macro Lens Band
Star Wars to be Released on Blu-Ray (Finally)
Ion Twin Video Camera Gets You Coming and Going
Scribbler the DIY Drawing Robot
Vodafone Truck Can Charge 2000 Cell Phones
iStrike Stylus is a Perfect Match for your iPad
Angry Birds Air Swimmers Flying Remote Control Balloon Toy
Best. Cake. Ever. Stormtrooper on the Toilet Cake
Old School Microphone PC Case Mod
Darwin Chair Transforms Into 200 Different Styles
Takashi Murakami Mr. Dob Mousepad
Picnic Blanket with Speakers
Metroid Pillow is Perfect for a Power (Up) Nap
Tetris Jigsaw Puzzle
Multi-Purpose Gloves with LED Lights
Tree Shaped Humidifier
MacPack Backpack for Old School Mac Fanboys
R2D2 Stroller Costume from Halloween
File a USB Drive in a Binder
Camera Cube Bubble Level Keeps Your Shots Square
Giant Googly Eyes
Inflatable Back Seat Car Bed
Facebook Like Thumbs Up Paper Clips
Skeleton Mouse is Just Plain Creepy
Remote Controlled Sushi
Lego Mp3 Player Spotted
Cone of Shame Speaker
Solar Powered Keyhole Light
iPotty: iPad Holding Potty Seat
Light Therapy Earbuds Shine a Light…In Your Ears
Lego Light Switch Plate
Lego Boba Fett Costume is a Triumph in Brickgineering
Samsung Alias 2 Cellphone with an E-Ink Keypad
App Magnets: There’s an App for That
Incredible Sculptures Made from Nike Dunks
Dyson’s Air Multiplier Bladeless Fan
Handerpants: Underwear for your Hands
Camera Cube Bubble Level Keeps Your Shots Square
Darth Vader Wii Sensor Bar Holder
Plush Desk Supplies
Resident Evil 5 Chainsaw USB Flash Drive
R2-D2 Can Koozie
Talking First Aid Kit Tells You What to Do
Camera Strap Doubles as a USB Cord
Pac-Man Tables
Roll of Film USB Flash Drives
Incredible Model Photography
Mini Oil Tankers for Supertanker Captain Training
Star Wars to be Released on Blu-Ray (Finally)
Guitar Light Silhouettes Your Axe
Star Trek Communicator Dog Waste Bag Dispenser
Make Your Dog the Ultimate Party Animal with the Dog Collar Bottle Opener
Solar Powered Drug Carrying Camel
Solafeet Foot Tanner is the Worst Tanner Since Uncle Joey Tanner
The Phone Car
United States Scratch Off Map
Hanging Alarm Clock
Two Backed Chair Shows the True Function of the Chair
Otto Plush Animal Bag is a Stuffed Animal that’s Stuffed with All Your Other Stuffed Animals
Gresso Cruiser Titanium White Luxury Phone
The Keybag is a Bag Made From….You Guessed It.. Keys
Foldable Pocket Whiteboard
Phlat Ball X-Treme Goes from Frisbee to Ball- in Mid-air!
Carafe with Stacking Glasses on Top
Rinser Toothbrush Turns into a Drinking Fountain
Desktop USB Shredder
Amazing Star Wars Themed Airbrushed ArtCar
Sonic the Hedgehog MP3 Player
FireHero: Flame Shooting Guitar Hero
Pac-Man Stapler, Paperclips and Sticky Notes
Boomcase: Vintage Suitcase Boomboxes
Barbie Executive Office Chair iPhone Dock
Bacon Shaving Cream
The Green Power Sliding iPod Speaker
iPad Pillow
Lili Webcam is UberCute, Eco-Friendly, Respectful of People
This Fish Tank Only Looks Like It’s Going Over the Edge
Wynder’s Spiral Hot Dog Cutters
Cars in Parking Lot Turned into Transformers
Zombie Brain Jello Mold
Bamboo Cat Radiator Bed
Carpet Bocce Brings the Bowling Game Indoors
Mini Koo Non-Electric Speaker
Zevro Indispensable Coffee Dispenser
Old School Mac Cufflinks
Artsy Pyramid and Butterfly Speakers Exude Class
Papa, Paparazzi: Video Camera with Telescope Lens
Dr. Who Spinning Levitating Tardis
Potato Chip Eating Hand Keeps Your Fingers Clean
Robo-Urinal Might Make You Pee Shy
Beavis and Butthead in Real Life
USB Basketball Webcam
Scooby-Doo Mystery Machine Salt and Pepper Shakers
Eggshell Speakers Made from Real Eggs
USB Poodle Hub
Superman Drives a Hyundai!!!!!
ShotCarver Turns Your Produce into Shot Glasses
Slow Playback Answering Machine
Make a Subtle Statement with a Pnoe Speaker Set
R/C Wall Climbing Tron Light Cycle
USB Powered Heated Hamburger Massager
GPS Tracking System for your Dog by Garmin Does It All
Crazy Pipe Dreams $30,000 Computer Desk System
Electronics LED Lights Blocker or Dimming Stickers
Trashlight Lights Up Your Garbage
Millennium Falcon Guitar Doesn’t Quite Rock the Cantina
Golf Bag Drink Dispenser
Speed Bumps that Flatten at Low Speeds
Light from MP3 Player Saves Lost Skiers
Sharp Cordless Phone with Photo Frame
Teen Builds World’s Largest Bobblehead
Ergo Chair Will Improve Your Posture
Utensils with Dumbbell Handles Give You a Workout While You Eat
Door Stop Alarm
Keyboard Numbers Chair
Crockpot with Car Adapter for Travelling and Crocking
USB Ferris Wheel Runs When You Type
Remote Controlled Photo Reconnaissance Plane
Prime Time Prime Numbers Watch
iSoldier Phone Stand
DIY Off Road Wheeled Backpack
Special Scoop the Poop Week Gadget Giveaway: Dog-e-Minder
DIY Garage Ceiling Storage
Solar Powered Sun Tea Brewer
Multi-Head Portable Above Ground Sprinkler
9 Gifts That Will Fit Inside Your Wallet
Parahawking: Parachuting with a Pair of Hawks on Your Arms
Mighty Thor Cookie Jar
Matzah iPhone Case is Unleavened
Millennium Falcon Turntable
The Corner Mirror Has Two Faces
Flat Light Poster Actually Lights Up
Funnel-It Quick Bottle Transfer
Slurpabowl Portable Dog Water Bowl
Review: IDAPT i4 Charger
Toilet Seat Scale Measures Your Pre and Post Load Weight
Pinch and Dash Salt and Pepper Shakers: Very Handy
USB Volcano Lava Lamp
3-D Glasses Dress is Subtle
Sonic Wallets Play a Sound When Opened
Wood Whale Holds An iPhone In Its Mouth
iEqualizer- Light Up Equalizer iPhone Case
Chew Chew Train Transforming Dinner Set
Hot Tub Boat
R2-D2 Turntable
Wireless USB Rocket Launcher Takes Cube Warfare to the Next Level
Trace of Time Clock Erases Itself
Typewriter Joystick Makes Perfect Sense
The Electronic Itch Stopper Stops Itches
You’ll Never Have to Worry About Dusting the Dusty Table
AT-AT Walker Made from Recycled Computer Parts
Incredible Action Figure Lamp
Frakkin’ Sweet: Battlestar Galactica Plushes
Cordotz Wire Organization System
Weekly Gadget Sweepstakes: Yoda Cell Phone Alerter: ENDED
Crazy Indoor Waterfall Spells Out Words
Ice Ice Baby Ice Cube Tray
Wind-Up Jumping Carl Sagan Thing
Donkey Kong Junior Tiled Shower
R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set
Donkey Kong LEGO Model
Barrel Monster
R2-D2 Diaper Cake
Shocking Pocky Game: Atamaga Shock
Swiss Army Keys Don’t Jingle
Mini-Cheeseburger Vacuum
DIY Garage Ceiling Storage
Sweets Cleaners are Plush Food Screen Cleaners
Biscuit Storing Mug
Balloon AT-AT’s
Cyclist’s Virtual Safety Lane Projector Light
Waterpebble Guilts You Into Taking Shorter Showers
Smoke Filled Bubble Machine
LEGO Yoda with a Boombox
Color Changing Light Up Mouse
Consolation Calculator Determines your Mental Anguish, Adds Numbers
Skittles Sorting Machine
MP3 Playing Heated Footstool
Aqua Golf is a Backyard Water Hole
Captain America: Post-It Style
Acorn MP3 Player Might be Nuts
Zapi UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Rocks the Germs Out
Facebook Styled Business Cards
Keyboard Numbers Chair
Posture Suspenders Jolt You Into Sitting Up Straight
NES Controller Dress
Star Wars Old School Game Controllers Pendant
Smartfish Zip-Up Travel Mouse Pad Pouch
Alphabet Packing Peanuts
Heat Activated Motion Tracking Security Light
Duct Tape Atari Joystick Wallet
Hubless Clock- Look Ma’ No Hands
DIY Motion Sensing Shop Vac Mouse Trap
Glow in the Dark Light Bulb Pull
EaseOut Bulb Remover Takes Broken Bulbs Out…wait for it…with Ease
25 Mile Long USB Cable (Yes that says Mile)
USB Pig Keychain Flash Drive
Flying F#*k Helicopter Doesn’t Give a Flying…
Loc-In Locking Outlet Plug
Gift Ideas for Boys
Carpet Bocce
Pink Dolphin Bone USB Flash Drive Has a Large Dongle
Diesel’s Faceless Watch Still Tells Time
USB Heated Plush Smores Slippers
Funkit Turns Your iPod into DJ Paul Oaken-pod
Mega Monopoly with Skyscrapers
iPod Shuffle Holding Headphones
Amazing Roller Coaster Costume
Mighty Thor Cookie Jar
iKoroKoro Screen Cleaning Roller
Harry Potter House Ties
Eyeglasses iPad/Smartphone Stand
Emergency MP4 Player has 8 Functions Including Breathalizer and Pest Repellent
Transformers Cufflinks…Geeks in Disguise
Humpday Gadget Giveaway: Heat Changing Space Invaders Mug- ENDED
USB Hub Fishtank with Magnetic Paperclip Holder Top
TapeWorm Adds a Cutting Tool to any Roll of Tape
Tokyoflash’s TRON Inspired Kisai Seven Watch
Rock Out with your C#ck Out, Playable Guitar Urinal
Kool Aid Scented Sneakers
WWE Inflatable Ring Bed Bodyslams Your AeroBed
Is This the World’s Most Attractive Bicycle Mount?
Singing Bird Alarm Clock
Bacon Lamp for a Light Breakfast
Valentine’s Day Confetti Vase Kit Geekifies Your Flowers
Grenade Screwdriver
USB Powered Boob Warmer
Metroid Pillow is Perfect for a Power (Up) Nap
Radar Pitching Trainer
Sonic the Hedgehog MP3 Player
USB Powered Heated Sheep Slippers
Photo Frame Hidden Speakers
Recycle Bin Mug
Brain Rubik’s Cube
Origami Yoda
Wristlight is a Bracelet of Light
Summer Solar Surge Sweepstakes (Solar iPod Charger)
Ah Choo Pepper Mill
Ladybug Earphones Crank it up to 10 on the Cuteness Meter
Otto Plush Animal Bag is a Stuffed Animal that’s Stuffed with All Your Other Stuffed Animals
Toy Fair 2011 Coverage!
iRemoco iPod Controlled R/C Helicopter
Lamborghini High Heels Won’t Get You Anywhere Quickly
8-Bit LED Christmas Wreath
DotDrops are Crazy Colorful Unique Luggage
Ultimate Blinged Out Earphones- Diamond Tiara Hearts
Advanced Acrobatic Robot
Survival Card is a Credit Card Sized Survival Kit
Jabba the Hutt Purse is this Season’s Must Have Fashion Accessory
Cool Cop Keeps Cops Cool, Perps Hot
Puppy Speakers!!! Puppies!! Puppies!!!!
The Big Bang Theory Clue Board Game
Bicycle That Projects it’s Own Bike Lane (Delivery Truck Parking Spot)
FIFA BBQ Grill PC Computer Casemod
Pepper Spray iPhone Case, What Could Possibly Go Wrong with that?
Cutting Board That’s Also a Scale
Giant Interactive LED Wall: Supersized LiteBrite
Plush Angry Birds with Sound
Mashimaro Rabbit MP3 Player
Solar Powered Drug Carrying Camel
$30,000 Game of Thrones Life-Sized Throne
Teste Touch is a Gigantic Interactive NutSack
Rotating TV and Fireplace Combo Unit
Monday Monkey Mania: USB Monkey Head Speaker
Staple Gun Stapler with Bang Sound Effect
RIOT Wheel is a Bizarre Transportation Option
R2D2 Robot Controlled by an iPhone
Chalk Spinner
Double Goodness with the Two Flavor Ice Cream Maker
Darth Vader Rings the Opening Bell at the Stock Market (video)
Ten Minute Frozen Juice Pop Maker
Pocky Guitar
USB Core Drill Drive
Ion Twin Video Camera Gets You Coming and Going
Death Star Tea Ball Infuser
Desktop Finger Hockey Set
Bottletop Baster Brushes the Beef Brilliantly
Make 10 Water Balloons a Minute with the Water Bomb Factory
Robocup: The RoboCop Mug
Samsung Blue Earth: An Eco-Friendly Phone
Bizarre Interactive Toilet Looks Downright Seussical
Deal Alert: Free Shirt from ThinkGeek (w/$31 purchase)
The Simpsons Chairs
Klaps Stool Encourages You to Horde
GPS Unit has the Voice of KITT from Knight Rider
Make Toast Right in Your PC’s 5.25 Slot
Flexible Green Man USB Drive
Star Wars Salt and Pepper Shakers
Giant Stuffed Cat Couch
Hercules XPS Diamond Speakers
Light Up LED Tetris Tie
Make Your Own Wooly Willy Table
Touch Tone Phone iPhone Case
Notched Pencil is the Biggest Innovation in Pencils Since the Eraser
Jumbo Inflatable Bowling Ball and Pins
Master Lock iCage- Lock Up Your iPod
Electric Friends Animal iPod Speaker Docks
What a bunch of Geeks!
Bluetooth Audio Cassette Adapter
Giant Size Star Wars Silicone Molds
Helmet Reeks of Cheese When You Fall
My Adidas… Can Make Phone Calls
Game of Redneck Life Board Game Yeehaw Y’all
Incredible New York City Skyline Chairs
Instant Badminton Court
An Air Conditioner Shaped Like a Tree
SpongeBob SquareFlashDrive
Automatic Pancake Machine Costs a Lot of Silver Dollars
Pac-Man Yahtzee
Chanel Segway: Gimme a Break
Vase Knocking Clock
Stretch Limo Vespa Scooter is Luxuriously Unnecessary
Rubik’s Cube Tissue Box Cover (from Big Bang Theory)
Legend of Zelda Key Hanger
Picard Facepalm Cookies (Trek Treats)
USB Sailboat Fan Takes Me Away to Where I’ve Always Heard It Could
Worst Product Ever? Cell Mate Hands Free Cellphone Holder
Watt Time Lightbulb Clock
Crazy Pool Floats
One Dollar Toilet Bowl
USB Hub Dog
Hot Tub Boat
Glass Beer Mug with Bottle Opener
MacBook Computer Desk
Inflatable Golf Simulator
Vintage Baseball Cards Made into Notepads
LEGO Star Wars Foosball Table (EPIC. CONFIRMED.)
Supersize Your Dreams in a French Fries Bed
Magician Sword Box Armoire is a Killer Way to Store Clothes
Scratch-Off Minesweeper Game Postcards
Hot Rod Couch
Add-a-Lock Portable Door Lock
Headphones with a Zippered Pocket
Amazing Star Wars Themed Airbrushed ArtCar
Building Implosion Toy
Lounge Chair Made of Recycled Keyboards
Crabs Shape your Weiner
CritBuns Saves Your Buns (From Pain)
Keyboard Slippers
Snow Globe Dice Roller
Rock Climber Key Holder
Flex USB is a Handy Little Accessory
B0rkedend Mouse Toothbrush Holder
Lap Desk with Notebook Computer Cooling Fan
Pet Pedometer
Bleeding Ink Calendar and Growing Plant Artwork
The Ped Egg Mouse Mod
Super Mario Sweater Vest FTW!
Chinese Cell Phone is Turned On
Glow in the Dark Light Bulb Pull
Vibrating Massager Razor
iRock iPod Air Guitar Concept
Whip It Good with the Interchangeable Head Devo Action Figure Set
Whole Body Vibration Therapy Machine
$5000 Yo-Yo? I’ll Take Two Please
iPhone Case that Lights Up Using the Flash
USB Powered Peeing Man
Big Bang Theory Sheldon and Howard Bobbleheads
SkyBox Booster Car Seat for Dogs
Hello Kitty Takes Over the Flip MinoHD
Grassy iPhone Case
iDuck Wireless Duck Speaker
Back to the Future Flux Capacitor Watch
Handerpants: Underwear for your Hands
Vintage Reel to Reel Tape iPhone Dock
Happy Thanksgiving from Craziest Gadgets
Super Cute Plush Star Wars Doll USB Flash Drives
Endless Chocolate Bar Breaking Toy
Follow Craziest Gadgets on Twitter
Giant Donut Pool Float
Combimouse is a Mouse Keyboard
Mario Batali Wind-Up Toy is Flipping Delicious
LEGO Star Wars Alarm Clock (2 out of 3 ain’t bad)
Swing Clock is an Entire Clock Pendulum
Flatmobile is World’s Flattest Car and a Jet Powered Batmobile Replica
Remote Controlled Ramen Noodle Cart
Giant Stuffed Cat Couch
Tokyoflash Watch Giveaway Winner
Cat Tunnel Couch
Star Wars Science Boba Fett Launch Lab
Google Chrome and Plus One Pillows
iPad Holding Knife Block
I Bet Your Desk Isn’t as Fun as the TOP.TABLE
Bad Breath Checker Keeps You Freshy Fresh All Day
Flat Light Poster Actually Lights Up
Hyperbike is a Swimmingly Weird Bicycle
Light Up Lego Facebook Like Hand
Fire Fighter Super Soaker Backpack
Speed Bumps that Flatten at Low Speeds
Neck Rest Cushion with Speakers
Make your Car Sound Fast with a SoundRacer Street Racing Engine Simulator
Creative Outlets Stickers
Apocalypse Snow Globe
Throne Made of Nintendo Cartridges
We Met on Facebook Gum
Nubrella The No Hands Umbrella
Chewbacca Skateboard
Malena Lamp is Not What It Seems
Robotic Duck Takes Pictures of Tourists, Prints Them from His Butt
Weaponized Smartphone: The Ultimate iPhone Case
Yaktrax Traction Cleats for Shoes
Review: Third Rail System iPhone Battery Case
AT-AT Boombox Combines Two Great 80’s Things
A Camera "Lens" that Vacuums Dust Off the Sensor
Plush Unicorn Bouquet
Flip Out Keyboard Case for iPhone
Ultimate Single Purpose Kitchen Gadget: Pigs in a Blanket Maker
Save a Seat with a Fake Drink Spill
iPhone Dump Truck Holder
Alien Autopsy Tissue Box
Light Up Hockey Net
Hands-Free Infrared Automatic Trash Can
Headphonies are Small Speakers with Attitude
Airplane Bookends
Shopping Cart Pop Up Camper
The Jerkstopper
World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle (TF11)
3D Super Mario Papercraft Magnet Board
Lego Back iPhone Case
Illuminated Crystals High Heel Shoe
Light Therapy Earbuds Shine a Light…In Your Ears
Solar Powered Water Bottle Light Combo
Titanium Drinking Straw Might Just be Overkill
Car Lashes, Eyelashes for Your Car
Plush Body Parts: Have You Hugged a Testicle Today?
Clear Butter Mill Gives You Ribbons of Butter
Fake Mouse iPhone Case
USB Bladeless Fan (Dyson Knockoff)
Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite and R2-D2 Ice Cube Trays
Electricity Free Fridge Runs on Fire
UFO Juicer is Out of this World
Grow a Beard: Duck Dynasty Chia Pet Planters
Lego Flintstones!
Floppy Disk Pen and Pencil Holder
Star Wars R2-D2 Talking Bank
Radioactive Elements Glowing Coaster Set
Align Stapler with a Detachable Base
Put Your Hands in the Oven with a Silicone Oven Shield
Sleek Audio’s Glowing Earbuds
Doctor Who Tardis Light Up USB Stick
Wii Controller Cookies
Wooden Mouse Shaped Like Planet Jupiter
Movie Theater Bus Trumps Your Backseat DVD Player
7 Foot Tall Papercraft Gundam Mecha Robot
Automatic Pancake Machine Costs a Lot of Silver Dollars
e-pill 6 Alarm Vibrating Pediatric Watch Reminds Kids to Take Their Meds
Illuminated Crystals High Heel Shoe
Pole Dancer Cufflinks
Replace Light Switches with Arcade Joysticks!
Lego + Crayons = Stack-a-Doodle
World’s Largest Skateboard is Insanity on Wheels
Marvel Comics Branded HDTVs
Bird-B-Gone Solar Powered Bird Repeller
Hi Fido Speaker is 100% Woofer
Countdown to Christmas Santa
Get Drunk on Something More than Just Exerience Points and Power with World of Warcraft Steins
UFO Cookie Jar
Party Time, Excellent: Disco Ball Keg Holder
LED Lantern Salt and Pepper Shakers Spice Up Your BBQ
Cuckoo Clock Watch
Badass Adirondack Skull Chair
Star Wars Scroll Dress
Mega Man Hat is Video Game Chic
Gift Ideas for Boys
Smiley Face Button Camera
Mommy I’m Here Kids Tracking Device
Duh, Winning- Charlie Sheen Talking Bobble Head
Phonofone III Puts Your iPhone Inside the Horn Speaker
Flaming Marshmallow Shooter Might Not be the Best Idea
Man Builds Functional Power Hand Claw
Get Your Booty Moooooving with a Cow-Shaped MP3 Player
Holy Shiitake! A Mushroom Flying an Airplane USB Fan
Yaktrax Traction Cleats for Shoes
Lego Flintstones!
Barbie Compact MP3 Player is Compact, Plays MP3s
Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver Cutlery Set
Hotaru Mushroom Shaped Rechargeable LED Light
Over the Door Hanging Cat Condo
Reminder: Enter to Win a Heat Changing Space Invaders Mug
The Curved Panasonic SC-SP100 iPod Dock
Lekue Crushed Ice Cube Tray
Store, Measure, and Cut Butter with the ButterMate
Prime Time Prime Numbers Watch
Sterling Silver Lego Rings
Marvel Comics Ice Cube Tray
Solar Powered Necktie Charges Your Phone
Iron Man USB Flash Drive
Pac Man Wallet
Running Shoes Vending Machine
Stickers Make Everything Better, Even Microwaves!
Cordless Electric Snow Blower Shovel Clears a Path
Skull LED Red and Blue Fog Lights for your Car
Wooden Mouse Shaped Like Planet Jupiter
Singing and Dancing Obama iPod Speaker
SuperSoaker Filled Coffee Table
Golf Ball USB Drive
Water Spraying RC Helicopter
Retro Arcade Watch: It’s Pew O’Clock
Punch Out Your Aggression with the USB Punch Head
Millennium Falcon Cufflinks
Awkward Family Photos Board Game
Dragon iPod Dock is Octopus-like
Microwave Oven with a Pizza Drawer Underneath
Candle Powered Rotating Disco Ball
$2 Million Gold and Jeweled Monopoly Board
Live Long and Lounge About in Star Trek Bathrobes
Dr. Who Disappearing Tardis Mug
13 Function Tactical Adventure Tool
Lightsaber Bottle Opener
Kobe Beef Style iPod Nano Case
Hanukkah Menorah USB Hub
Light Up Hockey Net
SpongeBob SquareFlashDrive
File a USB Drive in a Binder
7500 Pixels in this Sheldon Cooper Pixel Quilt
The Curved Panasonic SC-SP100 iPod Dock
iRoom iDock Motorized In-Wall iPad Mount
RollerMouse is a New Type of Mouse
Office Ninja Blowgun Set
Star Wars Folded Flyers Paper Airplanes Kit
A Chainsaw Powered by a Motorcycle Engine and a Motorcycle Powered by Chainsaw Engines
Manhattan Skyline Dish Rack
Darth Vader Corset Tempts Me to go to the Dark Side
Gadgets Roundup: Would’ve Posted These This Week if Not for Beer
Black Monster USB Hub is the Scariest USB Hub Ever
Bicycle Rickshaw with a Stripper Pole is Like a Mobile Strip Club
Self Rotating Satellite View Globe
Kinect Powered Trash Can Moves to Catch Garbage
You’ll Never Have to Worry About Dusting the Dusty Table
In-Desk 4 Port USB Hub Fills Your Hole
Zoku Quick Pop Maker
Superhero iPhone Cases with Logo Docks
Sticky Notes for the Back of your iPhone
Homo Sapien Multi Purpose Kitchen Tool is a $39 Rock on a String
The Mind Molester…eeeh who cares it’s called the Mind Molester- that’s awesome enough
Whiteboard with a 3D Face on It
Largest Pinata in the World Busted Open
Magnetic 4-Ball Color Changing Lamp
A Trio of New Designs from Art Lebedev
TV Hat Holds Your iPod in the Brim
Turning Gears Necklace
Solar Powered Drug Carrying Camel
Back to School Giveaway: Tokyoflash Tenmetsu LED Watch
Pay Up or This Bench Will Spike You
Wearable Toy Piano Shirt
Super Nintoaster is the Greatest Nintendo Playing Toaster Ever
Cyclist’s Virtual Safety Lane Projector Light
USB Tranquility Fountain Brings a Little Zen to Your Desk
Harry Potter House Ties
Space Station Tent is Out of this World
Radioactive Elements Glowing Coaster Set
Jawcase is a Phone Case and Car Dash Mount
Hands Free Sandwich Holder
iRemoco iPod Controlled R/C Helicopter
sOccket Ball Generates Energy from Playing Soccer
Pac-Man Ghost Key Covers
City Lights Globe
Little Dipper Miniature Crockpot
RuMe Cuff Adds a Wallet to Your Coffee Cup
Classic Fisher Price Toy Keychains
Supersize Your Camping Chair
Old Computer Innards Repurposed as Animal Art
Vintage NES Controller Turned Storage Box
DIY Motion Sensing Shop Vac Mouse Trap
Coconut Headphones
Motorcycle Helmet Shaped USB Humidifier
Lawnmower Scooter Makes Mowing the Lawn Fun, Stylish
Whisky Bottle Case Mod: I’ll Drink to That!
Father’s Day Deals Coupons and Promo Codes
Bubble Wrap Suit
Lego Head Sort and Store
Gadget Shaped Silly Bandz
Zevro Indispensable Coffee Dispenser
Make Your PC Look Like An Aquarium
Hangman Lamp
E-Ink Display Watch from ThinkGeek
CAT-AT: Star Wars AT-AT Cat Condo
Craziest Gadgets has a New Logo and Merchandise!
Cups That Can Dry While Stacked Up
Glowing Life Bar Necklace
Karim Rashid Designed TV Bathtub
Boynq Sabre iPod Dock
Segway Style Scooter with Tank Treads
Dinosaur Egg Mp3 Player
Pixelated Skull Clock
Trap Door Colander
Rotary Phone iPhone Case is Retro Coolness
ScoreBand is a Score Keeping Watch
Marvel Avengers 3D Wall Lights
Horseshoe Magnet iPhone Stand
Lunch Lady Action Figure
Loc-In Locking Outlet Plug
Best. Cake. Ever. Stormtrooper on the Toilet Cake
Shake it Like the Naked Chef with a Jamie Oliver Flavour Shaker
Grass Mouse is the Greenest Computer Peripheral Ever
City Bike is So Minimal It Doesn’t Need a Chain
USB Gas Stove Cup Warmer Doesn’t Use Gas
Plush Body Parts: Have You Hugged a Testicle Today?
Rollerblade Rollercoaster is Really Radically Ridiculous
Stealthy Vulcan Salute Sweatshirt
Dinosaur Corn Holders
Jigglit is Like a Magic 8-Ball Watch
iTap Phone Charging Faucet
Singing Sari Has Embedded Microspeakers
Rearview Camera for Bicycles
Inflatable Salad Bar
Wind-Up Jumping Carl Sagan Thing
My Side Your Side Pillows
Skyrail Glow in the Dark Rollercoaster is the 2nd Most Fun You Can Have in the Dark
Transformers Pro Pinball Machine Announced
Cyclist’s Virtual Safety Lane Projector Light
Zipmark Bookmarks
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Best Looking Piano Ever Schimmel Pegasus Grand Piano
Dandruff Salt Shaker
mobiBLU UFO MP3 Player