How about 500 random posts in a pinboard style layout? You got it:

Obama Chia Pet
Sundesa Blenderbottle with Blenderball
Darth Vader Jesus
Playable Simon Belt Buckle
Handerpants: Underwear for your Hands
Inflatable Stand Up Paddle Surfing Board
Ad Playing LCD Screens on Golf Bags
Keychain Sized Scissors
Cassette Tape Watch
Hopscotch Hero
Bikini Phone
LEGO Floating Swimming Pool Insect Detector and Eliminator
$200 CPU Stand from Neiman Marcus is Basically a Decorated Wood Box
Sawdust Cologne
MicroSD Cards from Elecom are Cute and Evil
Ah Choo Pepper Mill
Cigarette Lighter Phone is the iPhone Killer
Relational Pillow: You can Draw on it with Light
Hot Fashion Trend Alert: Vuvuzela Hat
3-D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters
Q-Pot Melting Chocolate Phone from NTT Docomo
Rotating Planets Ceiling Light
Mercedes Bed is the Racing Car Bed for Adults
Slow Playback Answering Machine
Horse Bicycle
Fargo Fan is a Fan in a Globe on a Pedestal
Lightscoop Directs Your Camera’s Flash Upwards for Better Shots
NYC Subway Doors Backpack
Review: V-Moda Vibrato in-ear Headphones
Animal Scales- You’re a Fat Hog
Camouflage Cleaning Supplies Give you the Perfect Excuse Not to Clean
Sink Meets the Dumptruck
Boombench is Literally a Bootyshaker
DIY Wooden Bandaged Rubik’s Cube
TF11: Wall Coaster Marble Run
Scare Your Officemates With a Desk Cannon
Keyboard Slippers
New Camcorder Microphone is All Ears
Star Wars LEGO Landspeeder Cake
Bullet-proof Handkerchief Provides a Small Measure of Protection
Electronic Goldfish in a Bowl
Open Casket Bar and Grill
Mickey Mouse Style TV Stand
Altoids Tin Catapult- Curiously Childlike
Facebook Like Dislike Cufflinks
Redundant Clock Tells Time, Redundantly
Suction Door Holder
A Cooking Grate that Fits on a Spare Tire
4 Port USB Hub Illuminated Aquarium Cell Phone Holder
Batman Lightsaber Fighting Darth Vader on Sharks Cake
Jabba the Hutt Cake Looks Cute and Tasty (Bonus Rotta Content!)
Bed Ladder Is Probably Not What You Think
UpRight Sleeper
This USB Flash Drive is Da Bomb
Tree Shaped Humidifier
Zombie Brain Jello Mold
Konexi Word Game is Scrabble Meets Jenga
Flaming Marshmallow Shooter Might Not be the Best Idea
Hand Cranked Android Phone Charger
Inflatable Minion Vampire Halloween Decoration
Rollerblade Rollercoaster is Really Radically Ridiculous
Advanced Acrobatic Robot
Earmuff Headphones Look Ugly, Probably Don’t Sound All That Great Either
Cool Casemod- a Bulldozer PC
Sarah Palin in Your Pocket
UFO Cap is A Wearable Umbrella Alternative
Tampon USB Flash Drive
Human Slinky Costume is the Greatest Thing Ever
Switchital: A Crazy Changing Clock
Sock Glue Keeps Your Quitters from Quitting
Skull LED Red and Blue Fog Lights for your Car
NYPD: 1, Storm Trooper: 0
Charlie Brown Tie Fighter
Star Wars Lightsaber Thumb Wrestling
Review: iFrogz Boost Speaker
Dishlamp is Made of Plates
Pirate Pig iPhone Case
Rubik’s Cube and LiteBrite Coffee Tables
Constellation Earrings
TrailCart- a Pedal Powered Off-Road ATV
Fish Skeleton USB Cord
Donkey Punch, Cleveland Steamer, and Dirty Sanchez Urban Dictionary Plush Figures
Ridiculous Looking Headphones and Matching Ski Goggles
Remote Control Bullpen Helmet Carts
A Faucet That’s Also a Vase
Hands Free Hair Rejuvenator Shoots Lasers at Your Head
Undercover Cell Phone Case
If You Want to Destroy My Calendar Scarf…
Super Mario Bros. Koopa Troopa Shell Air Hockey Puck
DeLorean Limousine
Batman Lightsaber Fighting Darth Vader on Sharks Cake
Boba Fett Tiffany Lamp
Cyclone Spiral Hot Dog Cutter
Arcade Game Piggy Bank
Inflatable Back Seat Car Bed
Boynq Sabre iPod Dock
Size Changing Chandelier
Digital Age Birthday Candles Set
Super Mario Plant Crochet
Star Wars X-Wing Mailbox
Raindroops Self Drying Dishes
Build Your Own Working Mario Kart Track with K’Nex
Omron Body Fat Analyzer
Laser Guided Pizza Cutter: Pew Pew Pizza
Helmet Reeks of Cheese When You Fall
Facebook Like Thumbs Up Paper Clips
Netbooks Get Romantic with the MSI Wind U100 Valentine Edition
Pac-Man Stools
Diamond Encrusted Mercedes is Beyond Pimped Out
Space Invaders Tea Kettle
Tweeting Bird Bicycle Horn
USB Powered Facemask
Recipe Rock
Sports Ball Shaped LCD Monitors with Real Leather
iHandstand is Literally a Hand Stand for your iPod
Disco Planet Double Disco Ball Light
Autobots: Wake Up… Optimus Prime Transformers Projection Alarm Clock
Belkin Wall Mounted Surge Protector and USB Charger
Rice Cooker USB Speaker
Pocket Chainsaw Really Works
$4000 Electric Screwdriver Holds Your Screws
Cat Shaped Digital Camera
VW Bus Kids Play Tent
Conductive Play-Doh Funfactorizes Electricity
Top 10 Unnecessary Thanksgiving Gadgets
Upwrite is a Stylus and a Stand (just not at the same time)
Clean Cup Portable Beer Pong Ball Washer
Emoji Pillows
Boxing + Hockey + Your Table= Knockout Hockey
Cool Touch Microwave Bowl
Weird Japanese Tablecloth Pulling Arcade Game
GPS Shoes to Keep Tabs on Alzheimer’s Patients
Notification Sticky Notes
Doctor Who Tardis Light Up USB Stick
Ghostbusters Helicopters are Coming!
USB Lobster Mouse
Donkey Kong Jenga
Golden Buddha Cellphone
A Mouse Shaped Like an Arrow
Working Piano Stairs Attract Attention
All Hail the Cellphone Throne
Phonofone III Puts Your iPhone Inside the Horn Speaker
Zapi UV Toothbrush Sanitizer Rocks the Germs Out
Boynq Alibi Webcam- Hello There
Batman Grow Toy
Thanko Earphones Have Sound Facing Away from your Ears
Dolls and Video Games All Together with the Baby Doll Wiimote Accessory
Babies Being Outfitted with Anti-Theft Alarms
Zen Buddha Batman and Yoda
Firewinder Wind Powered LED Light
Star Wars Salt and Pepper Shakers
Belkin Surge Protector with Remote Control
Hydros Side-Filling Filtering Water Bottle
Windows 3.1 Curtains for your Real Windows
Space Invaders and Pac-Man Heat Changing Mugs
VERY Impressive Pump Organ Steampunk Computer Desk Workstation
Buy a 6 Foot Tall Mario Made of LEGO (World’s Largest!)
Shark Laundry Basket
Frigits Magnetic Marble Playground
Coffee Table with Speaker Legs
Ionic Light Bulb Freshens and Enlightens
Cars in Parking Lot Turned into Transformers
Valentine’s Day Confetti Vase Kit Geekifies Your Flowers
Room Palette Effect Lamp Has You Relaxing with Slimer
All Hail the Cellphone Throne
Street Legal Bumper Cars
Lenovo Ideapad s10-3t Flips from Netbook to Tablet
Plush Wampa Backpack
Save the Princess (and Electricity) with a Magnetic Mario Set
iRemoco iPod Controlled R/C Helicopter
Pocky Chopsticks
Snuza Halo Infant Breathing and Movement Monitor Clips on to the Baby
This is the PSP Phone (Knockoff)
Stake 3-in-1 Grilling Tool
Vibrating Massager Razor
Underwater Lightshow Fountain Lets You Create Your Own Backyard Bellagio
PS3 Faucet From Jean Nouvel
Pencil Eraser Pencil Cup
KEF’s Uniquely Shaped Subwoofer
Socket Pocket Holds Your Gadgets While Charging
T.O.O.B is a Dome of a TV Screen
GoWear fit Lifestyle and Calorie Management System
Bring Your Own Airport Transportation with a Suitcase with an Integrated Scooter
Review: Hitachi SimpleTough 500 GB USB Portable External Hard Drive
Monkeyphone from Paul Frank
Workout While You Work with the Elliptical Machine Office Desk
World’s First Rear Projection Urinal
iPad Pillow
What If? Star Wars as a Silent Film
Human Hand Dog Leash
Mini-Cheeseburger Vacuum
Retro Digital Flip Clock
Circle Gets the Square: Round GPS Unit from Art Lebedev
Helter Skelter Drink Chiller
Kissing Octopus Couple USB Flash Drives
Doctor Who Dalek Plush Baby Toy
Error 404 Snack Tray: Food Not Found
Cool Touch Microwave Bowl
Beer Pong Rack with Freezable Center
Constellation Earrings
R2-D2 Bobble Head..Wait, What?
Dancing Robot iPhone Stand
All Leather High-Backed Toilet with Laptop Tray
Willy Desk Fan Will Cool You Off Willy Style
Epson CX4600: Discarded Tech- A Sociological Study on Technology via the Refuse of a Community
Shwings Add Wings to your Shoes
Giant Post-It Table
Keyboard Keys Rubik’s Cube
Trongs are the Finger Tong Utensil of the Future
Car Exhaust Jack Lifts Your Car Up
Neck Line Slimmer Chin Exerciser
Bazinga! The Big Bang Theory Board Game
A Bus That Goes Right Over Traffic
Kit Kat Bench Looks Good Enough to Eat
Duck Hunt Gun Lamp
The Dipr is an Oreo Dunking Spoon
Star Wars Bookends
Giant SD Card Photo Album
Google Street View After Dark
BA-K-47 is a Bacon AK47
Magnetic Pen and Stylus is a Fidgeters Dream
Astounding Keyring Kite
Space Invaders Shower Curtain
Audiovox DPF710K Audio Homebase Message Center and 7" Digital Picture Frame
Bento Box USB Drive
Star Trek Enterprise Projecting Alarm Clock
Giant Optimus Prime Made from Old Car Parts
DIY USB Latte Foamer
Twitter Hash Tag Mug
Terminator Skull DVD Player is Scary as Hell
Cereal and Spoon USB Flash Drive
Two Different Ways to Take Your Dog With You
Print Shop Made into Rube Goldberg Contraption
iPad Cutting Board
Higgs Boson Watch
Radiator Bicycle
Whiteboard with a 3D Face on It
Vacation Countdown Timer Clocks
LEGO Duplo Block 4 Port USB Hub
Family Guy Operation Game
Whip It Good with the Interchangeable Head Devo Action Figure Set
Get Drunk on Something More than Just Exerience Points and Power with World of Warcraft Steins
Fork and Spoon iPhone Stand
Retro TV Style Digital Picture Frame
Alien Smiling Speaker is Too Cute
Spy Accessory: Video Camera Watch
Eastpak Backpack Couch Has Lots of Pockets
All White Apple Keyboard for the Touch Typist
USB Turtle Hub Has a Secret
Cooladio Backpack Cooler and Solar Powered Charger with Speakers
Bicycle That Projects it’s Own Bike Lane (Delivery Truck Parking Spot)
Endless Peeling Banana Toy for People Who Really Like to Peel Bananas
Picture Frame Planter
Dish Dryer and Herb Grower
Rubik’s Cube Mini-Fridge
Motorized Coin Sorter and Dispenser for your Car
Family Guy Operation Game
Spider Podium is a Creepy Cool iPod Holder
Auto Stirring Mug from Gevalia
Trailer Hitch Toilet Seat: Even Rednecks Wouldn’t Sink This Low, Would They?
Laser Cut Acrylic Arcade Cabinet
Millennium Falcon Soap
iDuck Wireless Duck Speaker
Doctor Who Tardis Ice Bucket
Nintendo Advertising Super Monkey Ball for Wii on Chiquita Bananas
Is This Bicycle Unstealable?
Scandyna Ball Subwoofer
Mr. T Chia Pet
Reservoir Dogs Qee Vinyl Figures
Google Page Business Card: A Good Idea
Military Inspired Stroller Takes Your Kid for a Ride Into the Danger Zone
Picture Frame Planter
Crazy Pipe Dreams $30,000 Computer Desk System
Bloom Box Planter and iPhone Dock
EyeClops Night Vision Goggles
Philips HF3490 Wake-up Light iPod Dock Wakes You Up Slowly
USB Airflow Mouse with LED Messaging
My Little Pony Stormtrooper is a Mutant Toy
Twitter Tweet Shaped Birdhouse
10 Coolest Suitcases for Kids
Rambler Socket Has a Built In Extension Cord
Teste Touch is a Gigantic Interactive NutSack
Build Your Own Darth Vader Robotic Arm Kit
FAIL! AT&T Invites Customers Nationwide to Niles, MI for 25% Off
USB Drive is Also a Paperclip
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Constructicon Devastator
Silicone Pie and Casserole Guards Prevent Spills
Transparent Bathtub is Clearly Awesome
Most Colorful DSLR Camera Ever
Lando Disguise: Works Every Time
Faucet with Electronic Thermostat Built In
Folding Handlebar Bicycle
Star Trek Cookie Cutters: Set Phasers to Yum
T-Rex Pen
Jenga Boom Adds an Explosive Twist to Jenga
Keyboard Keys Rubik’s Cube
Pig Shaped Earphones
Multi-Shot Rubber Band Shotgun
Spy Accessory: Video Camera Watch
Solar Powered Rechargeable Batteries
Beer Pong Rack with Freezable Center
Airmail Notepad Launcher
Super Mario Sweater Vest FTW!
KidCo GoPod Portable Activity Seat
Napbook- Laptop Case and a Pillow
Pulse Jet Powered Bicycle is Fast, Mildly Insane
Dancing Robot Trashcan
Solar Powered Moving Cat Toy
Touch Tone Phone iPhone Case
Fridge Upgrade Magnet
iSoldier Phone Stand
Nap Notebook Takes Over When You Pass Out in Class
Snowglobe Bear Salt and Pepper Shakers
Mechanical Donkey Kong
Light Up Skull Earphones
Renewable Energy Racing Set
Lite Brite Cubed
Calculator Maze is the Mullet of Calculators
Marvel Comics Ice Cube Tray
Bruins Win, You Win, Headphones Giveaway
Hands Down (literally) the Craziest Luke Skywalker USB Drive Ever
Chick-a-Dee Bird Shaped Smoke Detector
USB Hub Dog
Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support
OWLE Adds a Boom Mic and Wide Angle Lens to your iPhone
Your Town Jigsaw Puzzles
QWERTY Keyboard Sofa Concept
Jar Jar Binks Thank You Cards
Siemens LiftMatic Oven Lifts Your Food Up
iPhone Blood Pressure Monitor
A Lamp That Looks Like a Shower of Water Droplets
Sitsack is Half Beanbag Chair Half Regular Chair
Levitron Revolution World Stage Lets You Levitate Any Small Object
Dice iPod Speakers from Buffalo
Spudski Ski Pole Shaped Potato Masher
Giant Sewn Atari Plush Cartridges
3 Foot Long, 10,000 Piece Lego Sandcrawler from Star Wars
Mouse with EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation) Massage
Swarovski D:light Crystal Bracelet Turns Into a Watch
Got Buttons? Samsung Double Sided Remote Control
Humpday Gadget Giveaway: USB Humping Dog!- ENDED
Poker Chip USB Flash Drive
Color Changing Cupmen Tell You When Your Soup is Hot
Starburst Pixel Art Mario
Weekly Giveaway: JBuds J2 Premium Hi-Fi Noise Isolating Earbuds
Turn Real Bananas (and more!) into a Piano
Pistol Grip iPhone Case: Shoot me a Text
Hopscotch Hero
Strawberry USB Optical Mouse
Leash Plus is an All in One Dog Accessory
Voodoo Stabbing Pen Holder
Beaver Stuffing Kit SFW
Star Wars Lightsaber Laser Pointers!
Inflatable Golf Simulator
Be a Human Billboard: iPad Holding Shirt
La Grande Castine Speakers Look Strangely Awesome
Bacon Flavored Envelopes
Ring Clock
Stake 3-in-1 Grilling Tool
Atomix Fractal Creating Gadget
A Lightsaber Fight on Segways: Ultimate Nerdgasm
Mantys Golf Cart Scooter Thing
GPS Enabled Ski Gloves
Killer Whale Personal Submarine
Bread Suitcase is Probably Jam Packed
Batman Money Clip
Dish Dryer and Herb Grower
Super Mario Pipe Coffee Mug
Eton Rukus Solar Powered Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Breaking Bad Beaker Mug: Is that Ice Coffee?
Intelliscanner Mini Personal Barcode Scanner
4 Classic Video Game Inspired Tile Designs
USB Core Drill Drive
U-Shaped USB Speaker
Light Up Lego Facebook Like Hand
Sorapot Glass Teapot
Gun Grip Drill is a Weapon of Mass Construction
Sticky Notes for the Back of your iPhone
Largest Pinata in the World Busted Open
SpongeBob Musical Rectal Thermometer
Pac-Man Zippo Lighters
Giant Sized Jenga
Less Lamp Won’t Work Until You Smash It to Bits
Instant Masterpiece Inflatable Picture Frames
Caperino and Peperone High Fashion Speakers
Blue Tooth Bluetooth Holder
Strobe Light Hard Drive Clock Hack
Pac-Man Hat Might be the Greatest Hat Ever
Arcade Game Piggy Bank
DIY Book Lamp
Gadget Giveaway: iMainGo X- Pink
Accordion File Folder
R2-D2 Stormtrooper Helmet
World’s Biggest Backyard Water Slide
DIY Smoker Tweets When the Meat’s Complete
iPill Microphone for your iPod
How to Get Discounts on Gadgets from our Shop
Legal Themed Chess Set
Hershey’s Kiss Delivering Robot
A Mouse Shaped Like an Arrow
Give Your Phone Some Juice with a Charging Fruit
Really Odd Paper Animal Masks
Rebel Alliance Wrapping Paper Let’s You Know If You’ve Been Nice This Year
New GE Air Conditioner is Smartphone Controlled
Review: Powerbag Messenger Bag
Numeric Keypad with a Spacebar
Chalk City Road Maker
Einstein Sound Master Photon Ball iPod Dock
USB Dog Hub with Removable Head Radio
Pocket Birthday is a Tiny Celebration
Byte Nesting Dolls
Diamond Studded Cellphone from Tiffanys
Nintendo Advertising Super Monkey Ball for Wii on Chiquita Bananas
iPhone Blood Pressure Monitor
Star Trek Communicator Dog Waste Bag Dispenser
Travelstacks Adds Storage to your Car’s Cupholders
Plug Your Nose: Nose Outlet
Steampunk Light Switch Plates
Pool Float for Dogs
Lego Mp3 Player Spotted
Ultimate Geek Tool: Pocket Protector for your Laptop
RightPSI is a Tire Valve Cap that Visually Shows Your Tire Pressure
USB Lightsaber Lamp
Tank Turned into a Bar: Great for Doing Shots
Remote Controlled Beer Cooler
Peel Wall Light
Spoonless Drink Stirring Glass
Plush Angry Birds with Sound
Make Your Dog the Ultimate Party Animal with the Dog Collar Bottle Opener
The Unshredder Puts Shredded Documents Back Together
A Very Strange High Heel Shoe
Pizza Peddler, Unicycling Monkey Pizza Cutter
Millennium Falcon Hair Clip
Over the Top: The Handgrip iPhone Charger
First Look at the 10 inch Acer Aspire One Netbook
Fingertip Mini Trackball is Quite Small
$108,880 iPhone Case is Totally Worth It
Swing Table is Great for Hanging Out
Solar Powered Blinds That Become a Lamp at Night
Plants vs. Zombies Lamp Uses a Moving Zombie for a Switch
Transfer Cutting Board Has a Cutout
Metrokane V-Gauge Wine Preserver
Green Lantern Ring Projects Symbol 50 Feet
Final Fantasy Coaster Set!
DotDrops are Crazy Colorful Unique Luggage
Calculator Maze is the Mullet of Calculators
Be@rbrick iPod Speakers
One Handed Martini Pitcher
Novelty Computer Keys
Magnetic Pen and Stylus is a Fidgeters Dream
2GB USB Flash Drive Skull Ring in a Rainbow of Colors
Back Seat Organizer with Tray
Largest Pinata in the World Busted Open
Soccer Ball USB Hub
Ice Orb Chills Stores and Serves Ice Cubes and More
USB Motion Sensing Skull
Atari Playing Cards
Cleanwater Infant Bathtub and Spout Cover
Crib Rave Time: Light Up LED Pacifier
Circular Bookshelf- Not Just for Well Read Hamsters Anymore
Photo Dialer
USB Ferris Wheel Runs When You Type
Eat Cookies from Leonard Nimoy’s Head
90 Second Beer Chiller- YES!!
Design Your Own Watch with a Paper Watch
Solar Powered LED Garden Tulip Lights
XML Birthday Cake is Nerdalicious
Cat Ice Cube Tray
Bucket Boss Adds Pockets to your Buckets
3 Foot Long, 10,000 Piece Lego Sandcrawler from Star Wars
R/C Pokemon Pikachu
Find the Time with a Word Search Clock
Giant Sized Connect Four Game
Napbook- Laptop Case and a Pillow
Anti-Snoring Device "Watch" Snore Stopper
Humping Elephants Piggy Bank
Line Your Glass with a Sheet of Ice
USB Powered Heated Sheep Slippers
Bringrr makes sure you never forget your phone
iPod Touch Bed Sheets
Waterproof Submarine Shaped Flash Drive
Hanebrink All Terrain Electric Mountain Bike
Michael Jackson Billie Jean LED Light-up Disco Shoes
Futurist’s Hand Activated iPhone Speaker
Best Bookmark Ever
Scanner Hidden in a Book Mod
This Fish Tank Only Looks Like It’s Going Over the Edge
Panda Chair Looks Comfy
Beanbag Millennium Falcon’s Got it Where it Counts
City Lights Globe
19mm Sausage Gun is a Waste of Meat
Folding Pocket Chair
LEGO Gameboy and PSP are Cool But not Playable
Make Your Own Freeze Pop Machine
RC Star Trek USS Enterprise Modded into a Submarine
Frigits Magnetic Marble Playground
Bald Man’s Comb
New Camcorder Microphone is All Ears
Space Pirate Laser Cat Toy
Nike Blazer High- Nintendo Wii Inspired Sneakers
Designer Insect Trap: InaTrap Electronic Insect Killer
Star Wars In Your Pocket Keyring Sound Effect Gadget
Snuza Halo Infant Breathing and Movement Monitor Clips on to the Baby
Pull Down Ceiling Mounted Shower Curtains
Redundant Clock Tells Time, Redundantly
Take a Wash on the Wild Side with Animal Print Sinks
Umbrella with Flashlight Handle
This Furniture Has an Unexpected Feature
A Trio of New Designs from Art Lebedev
R2D2 Robot Controlled by an iPhone
Sarlacc Pit Toilet Won’t Take 1000 Years to Digest Your Poo
Electric Paper Airplane Launcher for Lazy Kids
Polar Ice Cube Molds
Rear Gear Covers Your Pet’s Butt
Oxygen Lamp Tank
MP3 Player Controlled By Motion Only
Opel Car High Heel Shoes
USB Strawberry Mouse Pad Warmer- I’d Rather Freeze First
Inflatable Soccer Field
Futurist’s Hand Activated iPhone Speaker
Gift Ideas for Golfers
Lego Style Bricks Speaker
Angry Birds Air Swimmers Flying Remote Control Balloon Toy
Turn a Floppy Disk into the Millennium Falcon and an X-Wing
Aphrodite Bust USB Hub
Natural Speaker Uses Ceramic Atop Wooden Sticks
Quilted Ice Scraper Mitt
Table Football XXL 20 Foot Long Foosball Table
Hello Kitty Nerd Wallet
Vertebrae Rotating Compact All in One Bathroom Unit
Beach Chair Converts to a Cart
Shark Lifejacket for Dogs
Modi Sofa is Infinitely Configurable
Wash Your Hands in this Head
Straw Cup Phone Holder
The Epcot Center-like Yantouch Black Diamond iPod Dock
LEGO Duplo Block 4 Port USB Hub
Muppets Eyeglasses Holders
Automatic Pancake Machine Costs a Lot of Silver Dollars
8 Bit Hanger Looks Handy
DIY Wooden Bandaged Rubik’s Cube
360 Swivel Seat is a Lazy Susan for Your Butt
Quadski is a Four Wheeler Quad and a Jetski
A Neat Desk for Messy People
Napper: The Alarm Clock Designed for Napping
A Camera "Lens" that Vacuums Dust Off the Sensor
Fendi TV Mirror Combination Gives You Two Great Things to Watch
Badass Adirondack Skull Chair
LED Light Up Newton’s Cradle
Loc-In Locking Outlet Plug
Motion Activated Light-Up Lego Bricks
Safe Made of Legos is Not as Easy to Break Into as You’d Think
Japan Conquering the UK One Wii Owner at a Time as the Wii Puts 10 British in Hospital Per Week
Pet Pedometer
Taco Phone Stand
Safety Beams Alarm Kit
Water Tag Vests Set is Like a Wet Laser Tag
R2D2 Hoodie: Pure Droid Awesomeness
Skybike is an Upside Down Bicycle
Typewriter Repurposed into a Keyboard Waffle Maker
Golf Club with Built in Weed Whacker
200 Pound Octopus Cake
Ring Clock
Convertible Sofa Turns into a Snooker Table
Lego Head Sort and Store
Handy-est Pillow Ever: Companion Pillow
LightSkin Bicycle Seat Post with LED Lights
Solar Powered Sculpture Creates Itself
Gun That Shoots Around Corners
Wind-Up Jumping Carl Sagan Thing
T.O.O.B is a Dome of a TV Screen
AquaNotes Waterproof Notepad for Shower Note Taking
Super Mario World Question Mark Ottoman
Bird Alarm Clock is a Chirping Pleasant Way to Wake Up
Iron Phone- Can You Hear Me Ooooowwwww?
Pez Star Trek Figure Menorah
Crab Mate: Crab Shaped Multi-Tool
Millennium Falcon Cutting Board
The Camo Coozie Holds a Pocket Rocket
Disney Mickey Mouse MP3 Shower Speaker
Sunny Day in May Roundup
United States Map Bookshelf
Pet Peek Fence Window for Dogs
Get That Sexy Tan with Will Ferrell Sunscreen
Pool Float for Dogs
Glow in the Dark Toilet Paper
Star Wars Death Star Planetarium
Black Spiderman Wrist Rest Glows in the Dark
Rechargeable USB UFO Speaker
Universal Wrist Charger Puts a Battery Pack on Your Wrist
Wheel of Fortune Clock
Heart Shaped iPod Speaker Dock
This DS Lite Grip Ain’t Pretty But it Does the Job
Geospace Kickaroos Anti-Gravity Boots Sends Your Kids Flying
Formalwear for Drunks: A Tie With a Built in Beer Bottle Opener
Tetris Plates Make it OK to Play with Your Food
Canon 5D Mark II Camera USB Flash Drive
Sanyo Xacti Cameras Go Full HD and Waterproof
Shark Bite Oven Mitt
Newton Milk and Sugar Set Keeps Your Sugar Level
Using Sugru to Mod a Camera Into a Kid-Friendly Drop-Proof Camera
Trophy USB is Great for Geeky Hunters
Be the Next Obi-Wan Ken-Jennings-nobi with the Obsessed with Star Wars Electronic Trivia Book
Ball Claw Lets You Go Balls to the Wall
Googly Eye Wallpaper Lets You Draw Your Own Characters
Birdhouse Shelving Stand
Super Mario Rubik’s Cube Looks Really Cool, Difficult
Nubrella The No Hands Umbrella
e-pill 6 Alarm Vibrating Pediatric Watch Reminds Kids to Take Their Meds
NYC Subway Doors Backpack
USB Stapler with USB Hub
EaseOut Bulb Remover Takes Broken Bulbs Out…wait for it…with Ease
A Travel Bag that Looks Like a Pair of Underwear
Review: Third Rail System iPhone Battery Case
Straw Cup Phone Holder
Papervore Coffee Table is Also a Shredder
Nathan’s Hot Dog Vending Machine: That’s Totally Kosher With Me
Samurai Sword Kitchen Knife Set
USB Monkey Card Reader is Bananas
Door Stop Alarm
Cube Clock Claps On
Spill Proof Salsa Bowl
The Force is Not that Strong in these Star Wars Misters
PSP/DS Trick Book Storage Case
Baby Buddy Bottle Buddy Electronic Formula Dispenser
Typewriter Repurposed into a Keyboard Waffle Maker
Weiner Dog Ear Buds
Handmade Star Wars Baby Mobile
Make Your Own Jeep Bed
EaseOut Bulb Remover Takes Broken Bulbs Out…wait for it…with Ease
Corkcicle Puts the Freeze on Wine
Indoor Rotisserie Turkey Fryer
Wireless Spherical Speakers iPod Dock
Coin Operated Ice Cream Claw Game
Mommy I Want a Toy Triceratops
Pet Collar with a Laser Pointer
Grillenium Falcon
R2-D2 Mickey Mouse Ears
Toilet Bowl Speakers
Review: Eton Rover Emergency Radio Charger Flashlight
Bicycle with a Monster Truck Wheel
Where the Wild Things Are…Made of Fruit
Talking Bug Zapper is the Last Comic Standing
Banzai Roaring Rapids Water Park is Insanely Awesome
90 Second Beer Chiller- YES!!
Murakami Rocking Chair Powers It’s Own Lamp
Freaky LED Eyelashes
Lions and Tigers (No Bears) USB Webcam Oh My
A New Take on Autographs with the Rawlings Recordable Baseball
Donkey Kong Junior Tiled Shower
Space Invaders Ice Cube Trays
Dwarf 360° Omni-Directional Vibrating Speaker
WiiPod is an iPod in a Wiimote
Facedrink: The Social Energy Drink
Inflatable Minion Vampire Halloween Decoration
Typewriter Repurposed into a Keyboard Waffle Maker
Jet Powered Lawnmower Tractor
Battlestar Galactica Cylon Coasters
Mug for Klutzes: Mighty Mug Wobbles but it Won’t Fall Down
Instant DIY Ugly Christmas Sweater
Attach a Smartphone or Stuffed Animal to a DSLR with DaisyGrip
Doctor Who Dalek Bathrobe
Warzone Photojournalist Action Figure
Bossa Nova Prime 8 Gorrilla Robot
Millennium Falcon Hair Clip
Vintage Apple Computer Circuit Board Clocks
Steam Spa Puts You in a Tent Inside Your House
Hacoa Wooden USB Hub House
Star Wars Nutcrackers, Sweet
Circular Bookshelf- Not Just for Well Read Hamsters Anymore
Giant Post-It Table
Hands Free Facial Muscle Toner
Robot Cupcake Molds
Reminder: Last Day to Enter The R2D2 Flashlight Giveaway
Diamond Skull Phone with Light Up Eyes
Winnie the Pooh Cell Phone
Jet Powered Miniature Monster Truck
Solar Powered Necktie Charges Your Phone
Ego iPhone Case with Removable USB Drive
Super Mario Bros. Pipe Lamp