How about 500 random posts in a pinboard style layout? You got it:

The Tiny Philips Tapster Bluetooth Stereo Headset
Cool Gadget: Handycooler Personal Air Conditioner
Chain Mail Necktie: Ready for Office Battles
Philips HF3490 Wake-up Light iPod Dock Wakes You Up Slowly
Dragon Head Fire Pit FTW
Pix-Up iPad Stand
All in All It’s Just Another Brick Shaped Post-It On the Wall
Dish Dryer and Herb Grower
It’s Not a Motorcycle Baby, It’s a Chopper Scooter
A USB Cable with an SD Card Reader On It
Ah Shucks, It’s a Corn Stripper
Review: Powerbag Messenger Bag
Review: Able Planet TL300 Clear Voice Headset
Inflatable Pac-Man Halloween Decoration
Folding Wheels on a Collapsible Bicycle Concept
Travel-tainer Makes Traveling with Pets Easier
Ladybug Earphones Crank it up to 10 on the Cuteness Meter
Custom Clear Halo Master Chief X-Box 360
Katapult Pen is a Slingshot Really
Scented Flash Drives
Crochet Ellen DeGeneres
USB Toothbrush Dental Camera
Cap Shooting Bottle Opener
Worst Product Ever? Cell Mate Hands Free Cellphone Holder
Jersey Shore Your Couch with LED Lights
Exclusive Holiday Offer from Tokyoflash Watches
Special Keyboard Just for Pirates
Custom Keyboard Looks Like a Ransom Note
Knitter Please…Wind Powered Knitting Machine
Decorate Your Own R/C Party Blimp
A Chainsaw Powered by a Motorcycle Engine and a Motorcycle Powered by Chainsaw Engines
Stop Motion Video LEGO Classic Arcade Games- Sick
World’s Most Beautifully Designed Foosball Table
Craziest Gadgets has a New Logo and Merchandise!
Kickball Hanging Planter
Quiet Noisy Typers with a Keyboard Cover
Game Boy Rolling Luggage
Ten iPad Charging Bay
Can You Guess What Two Things the Exped Pillow Pump Does?
The First Gameboy iPhone 4 Case
Kawaii Bear iPod Charger Takes It From the Rear
Willy Frying Pan For the Pervy Romantic in You
Animal Shaped Radiators
Flying Duck Hunter Shooting Toy
Star Wars Inflatable Light Up Lightsaber
Jeep Ferrari Hybrid is the Jerrari and It’s for Sale
Star Wars X-Wing Mailbox
Homo Sapien Multi Purpose Kitchen Tool is a $39 Rock on a String
Scocket: Scarf with an iPod Pocket
You Don’t Need to Shell Out a Lot of Cash for the i-Turtle Speaker
Bacon Lamp for a Light Breakfast
Mr.P Mobile Eator – Phone Stand
Sharpie Liquid Pencil Turns Permanent Only After 3 Days
Mugen Endless Can Beer Lets You Open Beer Over and Over Again
iHat Has Wireless Headphones Built In
The Curvy Vivienne Tam MP3 Player
Foodle is a Fork You Can Doodle With
Nokia’s Translating CameraPhone Gets Translations on the Fly
Grassy iPhone Case
iCat: Vintage iMac Cat House
Cordless Motion Activated Light
Plush Computer Viruses
Remote Controlled Soccer Shoe
Gadget Giveaway: Warpia Wireless USB PC to TV Display Adapter
Best LEGO Stop Motion Animated Video Ever… of the week
R2-D2 Rolling Suitcase
The Clap is a Tiny Camera with a USB Plug and an Unfortunate Name
Pluck Egg Separator
Travelstacks Adds Storage to your Car’s Cupholders
Tetris Ice Cube Trays
Glow in the Dark Light Bulb Pull
Floating Cube Table Levitates
Good Nite Lite Readjusts Your Kid’s Sleeping Patterns
Ghost Detector Cell Phone Strap
Cool Fingers Microwave Grip
Wine Glass Speakers- Classier than a Box of Wine
Cups That Can Dry While Stacked Up
Eleven "Eleven" Gadgets for 11-11-11
Double Goodness with the Two Flavor Ice Cream Maker
Fold Flat Grater from Joseph Joseph
Peavey Marvel Superhero Guitars
Google Chrome and Plus One Pillows
Smart Car Monster Truck
Horizontally Wall Mounted Dishwasher Concept
Super Mario Made of Paperclips
SaddleBaby: Hands-Free Child Shoulder Carrier
Scrabble Keyboard is Simply Scrabulous
Wii Controller Cookies
Furniture Made from Coins
Gear Up: Donkey Kong Style Clothing
MedCenter 31 Day Pill Organizer
Bling Duck Headphones
iPotty: iPad Holding Potty Seat
The Tiny Philips Tapster Bluetooth Stereo Headset
Feed for New Products from the Craziest Gadgets Shop
Smart Car Monster Truck
Digital Watches Go 3D with the Tokyoflash Kisai 3D Unlimited LCD Watch
Sexy Pac-man Costume for the Ladies
Chair Folds Up into a Stool
Star Wars Millennium Falcon Bed
Air Animals Come Alive on New York City’s Streets
Marvel Comics Ice Cube Tray
Mini Oil Tankers for Supertanker Captain Training
Trailer Hitch Toilet Seat: Even Rednecks Wouldn’t Sink This Low, Would They?
Transforming Laser Mouse
Expanding Bookcase Looks Cool
Laser Guided Pizza Cutter: Pew Pew Pizza
Sitsack is Half Beanbag Chair Half Regular Chair
Stick ’em Up Phone Stand
Scarecrow Motion-Activated Sprinkler Keeps Pests Away, Internet Meme Alive
Add-a-Lock Portable Door Lock
Floppy Disk Pen and Pencil Holder
Fly on Water with the Hydro Powered Jetovator
Water Bottle Personal Humidifier
Drip Hooks Make a Bloody Good Coat Hanger
Roll and Store Pin is a Rolling Pin with Storage
Empire State Building Cat Scratcher
UniBrush: Toothbrush with a Toothpaste Reservoir
Computer Speakers with Hidden Camera
Guitar Thermometer Rocks Way Past 11
Baby’s First Mp3 Player: The Baby Bidou
Stationary Troops Defend Your Desk, Hold Your Pens and Tape
Tokyoflash Releases a Maze Watch
Mornings are a Blast with this Rocket Shaped Coffee Dripper
Modded iPhone 4 with Backlit Glowing Apple Logo on Back
Converting Any Car into a Tank
Motorcycle Inspired Pizza Cutters
Swiss Army Keys Don’t Jingle
Panamap is a Map with Three Views in One
180 Degree Memory Card Reader
Pill Bottle Coffee Mug
Coffee Table Modded into a Joystick
iRoom iDock Motorized In-Wall iPad Mount
Dr. Who Tardis Talking Cookie Jar
Using Sugru to Mod a Camera Into a Kid-Friendly Drop-Proof Camera
Snoop Dogg Skullcrushers Headphones from Skull Candy
Ninja Mug
Deodorant Docking Station Tracks Your Hygiene Over the Web
Voltron Bookends Defend Your Literature
Nike Dunk Teen Wolf Sneakers are Hairy
Instantly Inflatable B()()Bs (SFW)
Picnic Blanket with Speakers
Decaf is for Wimps!
Pup-Casso and Kitty-Casso Unleash Your Pet’s Inner Artist
Super Mario Bros. Pipe Lamp
Windows 98 Solitaire Deck of Cards
Guide Gear Camping Bar takes the Bar to the Woods
Flower Shaped LED Lit Modular Radiators
Talky Talky is a Pen that Can Read
Two Different Ways to Take Your Dog With You
Twilight 2GB USB Flash Drive
Modding an XBox into Star Wars Millennium Falcon
Death Star Bottle Opener
Star Trek Salt and Pepper Shakers
Turn Your iPod Nano or Shuffle’s Packaging Into a Speaker with this Kit
Picnic Blanket with Speakers
Coffee Table with Speaker Legs
Foldable Pocket Whiteboard
Soundwalk Wearable Speakers
Remote Turn On Switch for Your Computer
The Empire Strikes Crack: Lightsaber Toilet Paper Holder
Pac-Man Doormat
Alien Abduction Lamp is Awesome
Elephant Poo Picture Frames
Mini USB Tiffany Lamp
Pet Pedometer
Rocket Powered Personal Helicopter
Sleep Under the Stars with the Cosmos Bed
Lost Action Figures: Move the Island
Case-Mate ID Holder iPhone Cases
Superhero Tea Bags
Jammin Johns Will Rock the Crap Out of You
Turbo Transforming Taco Truck
Auto Ball Return Over the Door Basketball Hoop
Rollerblade Rollercoaster is Really Radically Ridiculous
DJ Lance Rock Dunny
13 Foot Long David Hasselhoff Model
Rock Climber Key Holder
LEGO Statue of Liberty Set
Alien Encounter CD Rack
Workout While You Work with the Elliptical Machine Office Desk
Monster Monster Laptop Stand Will Scare the Keys Right off Your Keyboard
Horse Bicycle
Pac-Man Ghost Key Covers
Space Invaders Toaster
Fire Hose Nozzle Water Blaster Toy
Make Your Faucet Kid-Friendly with an Aqueduck
Jet Powered School Bus Makes Otto Go Blotto
Human Powered Ferris Wheel
Rice Cuber: It’s Hip to be Square (Food)
This Bath Caddy Suction Cups to the Shower Wall
Buff Baby Dumbbell Rattle
Ah Choo Pepper Mill
Chillax: Ax Shaped Ice Pop Mold
Nose Straightener
Solar Powered Lounge Chair
Dr. Who Disappearing Tardis Mug
SteelSeries Special Edition World of Warcraft Mouse has 16 Million Illumination Combinations
USB Powered Heated Sheep Slippers
Official Star Wars X-Box 360: I’m Already in Line
Double Goodness with the Two Flavor Ice Cream Maker
Forking Spacesaver Gadget
Does a 9 Month Old Need their Own Millennium Falcon? Yes.
Vibrating Sauna Pants
Gifts for Party Hosts
Apple PowerMac G4 Modded into a Motorcycle
Digital Pinball Machine Can Change Boards
Take Underwater Video with a Video Swim Mask
You Don’t Need to Shell Out a Lot of Cash for the i-Turtle Speaker
Umbrella with Forecasting Handle
Avenging Unicorn Playset
X-Box 360 Achievement Unlocked Wedding Cake
Trashlight Lights Up Your Garbage
Nikon Coolpix S1000pj Digital Camera with Built-in Projector
TF11: Pac-Man Ice Cube Tray
Buy a 6 Foot Tall Mario Made of LEGO (World’s Largest!)
iPad + Old Mac = Awesomesauce Helmet
Super Mario World Question Mark Ottoman
Japanese Sensu Handheld Fan USB Flash Drive
Ultimate Geek Pen Does All Your Basic Geek Functions
Straw Cup Phone Holder
Japanese Sensu Handheld Fan USB Flash Drive
Wireless Penguin Mouse
A Record Player that Plays Tree Rings
MilkMate Holds Your Milk, Mate
Best. Cake. Ever. Stormtrooper on the Toilet Cake
Bizarre Carafe Looks Like Tree Roots
4Moms Origami Stroller Power Folds Itself, Has More Features than your Car
Breast Gymnastics Hand Massager
You Don’t Need to Shell Out a Lot of Cash for the i-Turtle Speaker
Star Wars Science Boba Fett Launch Lab
Amazing Star Wars Themed Airbrushed ArtCar
Cat Shaped Digital Camera
Super Mario Piranha Plant Scarf
Vespa Scooter Rocker: Coolest Kid on the Block
Golf Bag Drink Dispenser
USB Windup Robot Hub
Transfer Cutting Board Has a Cutout
Electronic Spy Camera T-Shirt
Polaroid Camera Toilet Paper Dispenser
ReadyCase is the Swiss Army Knife of iPhone Cases
Umbrella with Scuba Goggles
Playable Fender Bass Snowboard for Duff McKagan
Manhattan Stools
Bottle Opening Carabiner
Windproof USB Powered Cigarette Lighter
Life Sized Super Mario Piranha Plant
Retro USB Mouse
Lunch Lady Action Figure
iDuck Wireless Duck Speaker
Pi Ice Cube Trays Because March 14th Is Coming Soon
Water Bottle Personal Humidifier
Han Solo in Carbonite Bottle Opener
Buttock Backpack
Mutant Media Ellipse Wireless Speaker System
Umbrella with Built in Ashtray
Sterling Silver Lego Rings
Autobots: Wake Up… Optimus Prime Transformers Projection Alarm Clock
How to Make a Head in a Jar Prank
Eclipse Touchmouse
Mario and Luigi Rings
Pizza Scissors Might be the Worst Kitchen Gadget Ever
Cassette Tape Notepad
Read and Roll is a Toilet Paper Holder and Magazine Rack in One
Follow Craziest Gadgets on Twitter
ZenWheels Tiny iPhone Controlled R/C Car
Turntable Kitchen Timer
Transformers Cufflinks…Geeks in Disguise
Bluetooth Enabled Dice
Ronaldo’s Camouflage Nike Soccer Cleats
Atari 2600 Cartridge iPod Docks
JuiceTank is an iPhone Case with a Wall Charger Plug
Dr. Who Dalek Projection Clock
Amethyst Crystal Studded DJ Headphones
iGala Wi-Fi Linux Based Photo Frame
Desktop Golf Shot Glass Game
Grumpy Cat Plush
Plush Bed Bug Doll
Layered Drink Mixer
Kitchen Scale with iPod Dock
Android Robot USB Charger
Limo Bicycle is Impractically Awesome
Largest Pinata in the World Busted Open
iSoldier Phone Stand
Optrix HD Sport Mount Turns the iPhone into an Action Sports Camera
Vintage NES Controller Turned Storage Box
Got a Spare 400 Hours? Make Your Kid a Tri-Level Star Wars Imperial Walker Bed
Stake 3-in-1 Grilling Tool
Blacklight Message Board Drink Hat
Angry Birds Board Game
Superman Clark Kent Bib and Booties
Build Your Own Working Mario Kart Track with K’Nex
Wear Your Meme: Nyan Cat Tie
Donkey Punch, Cleveland Steamer, and Dirty Sanchez Urban Dictionary Plush Figures
Star Trek Command Insignia Salt and Pepper Shakers
Mid-May Roundup
USB Lightsaber Lamp
Gift Ideas for Girls
Malena Lamp is Not What It Seems
Cord Tacos- More Useful than Fish Tacos, Less Tasty
Chair Made of Recycled Plastic Bags
Rain Level Boots Tell You How Screwed You Are
Sharpie Liquid Pencil Turns Permanent Only After 3 Days
DIY Remote Controlled Wooden Dinosaurs
Light Up Apple Logo Graphic Equalizer T-Shirt
Bluetooth Enabled Kitchen Thermometer
Review: Felix MonkeyOh Charging Dock
Celebrity Keyboard Keys Portraits
Alderaandack Chair: R2-D2 Adirondack Chair
Yoda Coffee Cup Cozy
Baked Potato Beanbag Chair
Life Size Darth Vader Cake
USB Stapler with USB Hub
Grimace MP3 Pillow
Buttock Backpack
Robo-Urinal Might Make You Pee Shy
Credit Card Cutlery for on the go Dining
Rotating iPhone Lens Dial
BA-K-47 is a Bacon AK47
USB Powered Facemask
Switchital: A Crazy Changing Clock
Apple II Disk Drive with a Mac Mini Inside It
Spam Wallpaper (No, Not the Food)
Steve Jobs Swarovski Crystal Covered iPhone 5 Case
Mushroom Hooks are Ideal for Mario and Luigi’s Coats
Space Invaders Tea Kettle
iPill Microphone for your iPod
Cable Monkey! Cable Monkey! Cable Monkey!
Mythbusters Board Game (TF11)
5 Smartphones and Duct Tape Used to Make this Wild Guitar
B0rked RROD XBox 360 Turned into Arcade Style Joystick
Ubiquitous Drum Pants
R2-D2 Turntable
Be Careful this Tie is Really a Camera
One-Legged Pirate Corkscrew
Black Spiderman Wrist Rest Glows in the Dark
Summer Solar Surge Sweepstakes (Solar iPod Charger)
Custom Clear Halo Master Chief X-Box 360
Star Wars Ties Are Ideal for your Next Formal Affair on Alderaan
Millennium Falcon Cake/Jello Mold
ManaTea Infuser Now Available!
VW Bus Drink Cooler
Zombie Snowflakes
Energy Efficient Lamp is Powered by a Telephone Jack Only
Ministry of Silly Walks Watch (Monty Python!)
Multimedia Photo Clock
Star Wars Monster Mash-Ups Stormtrooper Bobble Head
Coffin Couches are All Together Ooky
Digital Age Birthday Candles Set
Play Scrabble on Your Wall
Stash Your Crap Inside Your Keyboard
Like Us Doormat is Just Redonk
Blowouts Magical Cake Toppers
Star Wars Imperial March Played on a Hard Drive
Motorized Electric Roller Skates
Under Bed Light for your Inner Pimp
Zombie Flip Flops
Funky Cabochoned Recycled Circuit Board and CD Desk Clock (I didn’t know what a cabochon was either!)
LED Figurine is a Rainbow of Light
USB Tie Gets You Con-neck-ed
Transformer Laptop USB Hub
Wristband Charges Everything
Nike Air Force 1 Sneaker Speakers
GoateeSaver Keeps Your Manscaping in Check
Fart Operated Remote Control
Punching Bag Lighting Concept
Rock ‘n Roll and Movie Maps
The Insane Cabestan Winch Tourbillion Vertical Watch
Delete Key Billboard
Twitter Name Necklaces
iDuck Wireless Duck Speaker
Etsy Data Scarf Turns Graphs into Clothing
USB Squirming Tentacle
Talking Bug Zapper is the Last Comic Standing
Alien Table Would Probably Give Martha Stewart a Heart Attack
Metrokane V-Gauge Wine Preserver
Eye Clock Tells Time with it’s Eyes
Magic 8 Ball USB Drive
Missile Command Skirt
Safety Tattoos for Kids
Coffin Car is a Deathtrap
Cordless Motion Activated Light
Animated Zombie Backpack has Controls on the Straps
Mint Automatic Wet/Dry Mop Floor Cleaner
BA-K-47 is a Bacon AK47
Etsy Data Scarf Turns Graphs into Clothing
Cat Fanny Pack
Trace of Time Clock Erases Itself
Multi-Shot Rubber Band Shotgun
Honest Acronym File Folders
Superhero Toilet Paper: Splat! Whizz! Whoosh!
Recycled Circuit Board Clipboards Up Your Geek Points
The Empire Types Back: Star Wars Keyboard
Autoloading Screwdriver Stores Bits in the Handle, Loads Them with Pump Action
Atari 2600 Cartridge iPod Docks
Old School Microphone PC Case Mod
Pivot Power Workshop Power Strip
VW Camper Van Tent
Turbo Transforming Taco Truck
UV SunSense Wristbands Measure Sun Exposure
USB Powered Rechargeable Electric Shaver
Line Your Glass with a Sheet of Ice
R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set
Cellphone Evolution Russian Nesting Dolls
Can You Guess What Two Things the Exped Pillow Pump Does?
Bicycle Mounted Snowplow
Page Turner Lamp is 24 Lamps in 1
External Hard Drive in the Shape of an Ice Cream Popsicle
Monty Python in your Pocket
R2-D2 Rolling Suitcase
Swing Clock is an Entire Clock Pendulum
Library Book Style Vintage Board Games Store Vertically
Wii Bowling Ball Accessory
Create Your Own (Very Expensive) Mini Golf Course
Bazinga: Big Bang Theory Light Up Umbrella
Heat Changing Tetris Mug
Grass Topped Flip Flops from Krispy Kreme
TurboSpoke Bicycle Exhaust System makes your bike sound like a motorcycle
Ms. Pac Man Mary Jane Shoes
Darth Vader Asthma Inhaler
Desktop Fireplace
Han Solo in Carbonite Candy
Hook Up on the Couch: USB Hub Sofas
Artsy Pyramid and Butterfly Speakers Exude Class
Donut Camera Probably Takes Sweet Shots
Chicken Sandwich USB Hub
Hidden Pop-Up Outlet
All Leather High-Backed Toilet with Laptop Tray
Turn Your Car into K.I.T.T. with a Knight Rider Charger
Stretching Alarm Clock Forces You To Stretch
Star Wars Tie Fighter Playhouse
Using a Hard Drive to Pick a Lock
Neck Rest Cushion with Speakers
The $30,000 Blinged Out Moneual PC
Solafeet Foot Tanner is the Worst Tanner Since Uncle Joey Tanner
iHome Harley Davidson Headlight Stereo Speaker System with Alarm Clock
What If? Star Wars as a Silent Film
Ben Heck’s Coach Section Laptop Has a Movable Screen
Cell Phone Wallet
The Mail Always Comes at 12:00 with the VCR Mail Slot
Zookeeper USB Drives are Happy Little Animals
The Decal Guru Laptop Decal Giveaway
Puppy Tweets Puts Your Dog on Twitter
Cool Cop Keeps Cops Cool, Perps Hot
Bluetooth Shower Speaker
Adidas Wookiee Jacket
Yoda Cake with Lightsaber
Sweets Cleaners are Plush Food Screen Cleaners
Water Powered Digital Alarm Clock
Ray Gun Mug
Super Mario Guitar
Cloak Bag Lets You Take Pictures Without Taking Out Your Camera
Le Klint Joker Light Looks More like a Batman Light
Stormtrooper Mini Snow Globes
Mango Splitter
Superhero Toilet Paper: Splat! Whizz! Whoosh!
Eleven "Eleven" Gadgets for 11-11-11
Automated Egg Printer
Tiny City Buildings USB Hub
President Obama Portrait in LEGO
Gluvi is a Jimmy Hat for Your Remote Control
St. Patrick’s Day Giveaway: Bottle Opening Robot Shirt
Projection Scale
DIY LCD Style Gift Wrapping
Flex USB is a Handy Little Accessory
Humpday Gadget Giveaway: USB Battery Charger (ENDED)
Looptaggr Rolling Graffiti Tool
Lego Logos Wall
A Cooking Grate that Fits on a Spare Tire
Portal Bookends
Fusion CA-IP500 Head Unit Swallows Your ‘Pod
High School Musical Locker Shaped iPod Dock Alarm Clock
Guess What Two Things "Spoon Tongs" Are?
Safe Kitchen Timer
Socket Sense Surge Protector Expands to Fit All Your Plugs
Sega’s Toylet: Pee Controlled Urinal Video Games (w/video!)
Powerful TV Stand with Built in Speakers
Tactical BBQ Fork with Laser and Flashlight
Pickup Power: Surge Protector with a Portable Battery
Superman Letter Opener
Sound Egg Puts 5.1 Surround Sound Inside an Egg Chair
Pixel Coasters Let You Punch Your Design Out
Brush Your Hair with a Microprocessor
3.14 Pi Car Odometer Readings
Audiovox DPF710K Audio Homebase Message Center and 7" Digital Picture Frame
Table Table Spells out Table with it’s Chairs
World’s Cutest Voice Changing Telephone
Cereal and Spoon USB Flash Drive
Chinese Food Takeout Container Laundry Hamper
Crystal Padlock USB Drive
Mini Dice iPod Speakers
Weekly Gadget Giveaway: Glow Brick-ENDED
Lightsaber Chopsticks
Cubic Switchplates Give Your Outlets a 3D Effect
Old School Microphone PC Case Mod
Angry Birds Slingshot Pens
Retractable Ice Tip Cane
Lipstick Shaped Mouse is Pretty, Impractical
Things I Will Never Walk On: Self Supported Glass Stairs
Painter’s Easel Used as HDTV Stand
Three New Bizarre USB Gadgets from Thanko
Music Playing Light Up Toilet
Doorbell for your Cubicle: The Cubicaller
Pole Dancer Cufflinks
Mickey Mouse Head Static Discharger
Clock That’s Powered by the Bugs It Kills
Rave in a Box: Machine Replicates Fast Moving Glowstick Dancing
Fender Guitar Headstock Coffee Table Rocks
ToyQuest’s Massive Touch Table
Lasso: Flat Packed Shoes
Humpday Gadget Giveaway: USB Battery Charger (ENDED)
Finger Grip Handle Umbrella for Texting in the Rain
Eiffel Tower USB Flash Drive
iPhone Coffee Table is the Ultimate iPhone Fanboy Furniture
Lignet Roset Pixel Clock has 300 LEDs
iTap Phone Charging Faucet
Rockgear HexoLights Adds a Light Show to your Video Gaming
Beavis and Butthead in Real Life
Toto Traveling Bidet
Death Star Rug: That’s No Moon!
Darwinism FTW: Mario Evolution Wall Clock
Darth Vader Toaster Imprints a Little Bit of the Dark Side onto Every Slice
Cap Shooting Bottle Opener
Wash Down those Power Pellets with a Pac-Man Energy Drink
Witches Broomstick Bicycle
Digimech Digital Mechanical Alarm Clock
Light Up Lego Facebook Like Hand
Spy Kite with Digital Camera
Dog Lamp Has a Lampshade on It’s Head
Hands-Free Hair Dryer
USB Tortoise Massager
Ravage: Transformers USB Flash Drive
Astronaut and Soldier Smartphone Stands
Antique Horn Speaker Made Into iPod Dock
Chewbacca Messenger Bag
Recycled Floppy Disk Moving Record Greeting Card
Rock the Cantina with Guitar2-D2
Retro Arcade Watch: It’s Pew O’Clock
Anti-Cat Keyboard Cover
12 Hole Ocarina From The Legend of Zelda
Animal Scales- You’re a Fat Hog
Rubik’s Cube and NES Controller Mouse
Stormtrooper Bathrobe
Mr. T Chia Pet
Pistol Cables are Totally Killer
Flo n’Go Rolling Fuel Station
The Feinger is a Finger Mount for your Phone
AT-AT Walker Made from Recycled Computer Parts
Smart Fork is USB Powered, App-Controlled
You’ll Never Have to Worry About Dusting the Dusty Table
The Lid on this Water Bottle Does a Few Neat Tricks
Where the Wild Things Are…Made of Fruit
Karim Rashid Designed TV Bathtub
We Met on Facebook Gum
Flatmobile is World’s Flattest Car and a Jet Powered Batmobile Replica
Hidden Pop-Up Outlet
Beer Glass Froster
Power Mac Bench
Incredible Master Chief Halo XBox 360 Case Mod
Saturator AK47 Water Gun Puts Automatic Weaponry in Water Fights
USB Motion Sensing Skull
W+W Organizer
Color Changing Sprinkler Waters Your Lawn with Style
Transformers Cufflinks…Geeks in Disguise
Got Buttons? Samsung Double Sided Remote Control
Spaulding iHoop Basketball Hoop has an iPod Dock and Speakers
Singing Paintbrush is Like Mortimer Ichabod Marker from Picture Pages
Double Helix LED Lantern
Jet Powered School Bus Makes Otto Go Blotto
Lamp Flashlight Combo is a Vision of Conical Duality
Spider Podium is a Creepy Cool iPod Holder
Marriage Hunting Bra
Only Slightly Confusing: Cassette Tape iPod Speaker
Bicycle with a Monster Truck Wheel
Autonomous Saucier (Self-Stirring Sauce Device)
Pac-Man Dress for a Baby Girl
Fly on Water with the Hydro Powered Jetovator
Jet Powered Lawnmower Tractor
Game Boy Rolling Luggage
Wood iPad Retro Television Dock
Color Changing Cupmen Tell You When Your Soup is Hot
Space Invader Pixel Cookies Made with a PlayDoh Fun Factory
Brain Lamp is a Scale Replica of a Human Brain
Lolaloo Turns Strollers into Rockers
Wavy Ergonomic Keyboard
Vertical Bed Lets You Nap While Standing on the Sidewalk
Laser Cut Acrylic Arcade Cabinet
USB Airflow Mouse with LED Messaging
Steampunk Etch-a-Sketch
Hand Desk Organizer
Freddy Krueger Animated Sweater of Horror
Sushi Luggage Covers
Smiley Face Button Camera
Ice Pop Phone Case
The Whale Tail Stand for the iPad
Hidden Ninja Smartphone Stand
Duck Hunt Gun Lamp
Cello Sailboat
Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Spatula
Super Mario Mushroom Wrist Warmers
Rockgear HexoLights Adds a Light Show to your Video Gaming
iWave Gravity iPod Speaker System
Star Wars Creature Pancakes
Fountain Speaker Ups the Ante on Rock Speakers
Art Lebedev’s Control O Bottle Opener
Super Mario Beer Pong Table
Talking Llama with a Necktie Doll
AT-AT Boombox Combines Two Great 80’s Things
Finger Grip Handle Umbrella for Texting in the Rain
Crickets Sound Toy for those Awkward Moments
Teddy Bear Lamp is the Cutest Ever
Cone of Shame Speaker
Review: Sleeptracker Pro Elite Sleep Monitor Watch
Crickets Sound Toy for those Awkward Moments
Q-Ba-Maze is a Supercool Marble Maze Construction Toy
Tatoo Designs Paper Towel Rolls
Glass Beer Mug with Bottle Opener
Wearable Toy Piano Shirt
Waterproof USB Mouse
Double Walled Glasses with Silicone Band Keep Your Drink Hot, Hands Cool
Desktop Finger Hockey Set
Converting a Crib to a Desk (DIY)
Peel Wall Light
GoateeSaver Keeps Your Manscaping in Check
The $31,500 Spaceship-Shaped Star Wars and Star Trek Playing Music Box
Kickball Hanging Planter
Smarthang Suction Cups Your Smartphone to Anything
Skidscooter Goes from Land to Sea
iEqualizer- Light Up Equalizer iPhone Case
Self Painting Dress is a Different Shade of Ugly Each Time
R2-D2 Can Koozie
Phone Number 867-5309 Available on eBay
Facebook Car
Sega Dreamcast Controller iPhone Dock Mod
Spicy Invaders Salt and Pepper Shakers
Robber Baron Table is Made of Pollution
Star Trek Red Shirt Towel: Don’t Go in the Water!
Gameboy Slider Puzzle
Wake to Light iPhone Alarm Clock Lamp
Fountain Speaker Ups the Ante on Rock Speakers
Teen Builds World’s Largest Bobblehead
All is Bright: Christmas Lights iPhone Charger
Charging Charlie, the Cord Holding Firefighter
Hello Kitty Takes Over the Flip MinoHD
Elecom Travel Mouse Holds It’s Own Cord
Desktop Calculator is a Wireless Spy Camera
LOST Oceanic Airlines Shirt
Dollar Coin Guitar Pick
Smurfs USB Flash Drives
Lost’s Benjamin Linus Bobble Head
Cool Photographer’s Business Card
Remote Control Moaning Zombie Action Figure
Oxygen Lamp Tank
ShadeStays Keep Your Sunglasses on Your Hat
Airbag Motorcycle Jacket
Batman Grow Toy
Off-Axis Watch
Dr. Who Tardis Color Changing Glass
Late July Roundup from Our Other Sites
Caffeinate: Doctor Who Dalek Mug
Rock Band Drum Set Cake Totally Rocks
Jet-Set Takes the Headphone Cord into Beaded Necklace Territory
Strobe Light Hard Drive Clock Hack
Wildstyle Graffiti Inspired Skateboards
Darth Vader Mini-Blinds Turn Any Room to the Dark Side
Gift Ideas for Beer Drinkers
Toilet Turbine Creates Energy from Poop and Pee
Solar Powered Dancing Panda
Beamer iPhone Case Adds a Flash to your iPhone 3G/3GS
Retro Nintendo Cartridge Pillow Set
Waterboarding Thrill Ride- Spongebob and Torture
Traxedo: Tracksuit Tuxedo
UpRight Sleeper
Chasing Time Clock Keeps Changing
Tractor Trailer Go Karts and Chuck Norris
Greenbo Rail Mounted Planters
Quasar Hexagonal LCD Watch Design from Tokyoflash
Commodore 64 Cake Looks Sweet
Get Your Booty Moooooving with a Cow-Shaped MP3 Player
Grilltendo: Mario Mushroom Barbecue Grill