How about 500 random posts in a pinboard style layout? You got it:

Star Trek VoIP Communicator
Office Speak Rubber Stamp
$200 CPU Stand from Neiman Marcus is Basically a Decorated Wood Box
iPhone Case with LED Notification Display
HotLogic Mini Personal Portable Oven
MicroChip Your Girlfriend This Christmas
Storm Trooper Hoodies from Marc Ecko
A Camera "Lens" that Vacuums Dust Off the Sensor
Gun Grip Drill is a Weapon of Mass Construction
R2D2 Soap or Shampoo Dispenser Bottle
Eleven "Eleven" Gadgets for 11-11-11
Argh Matey! It’s a Wearable Shoulder Mounted Robot Buddy
USB Parrot is Only Annoying to Your Neighbors
Umbrella Handle Coat Hooks
Calvin Klein Fragrance with a Speaker in the Container
Space Invaders Coffee Table
What Do Clone Troopers Do on their Days Off?
Cool Fingers Microwave Grip
R2-D2 Diaper Cake
Chillaerator Cools Aerates and Pours Wine
Pistol Grip iPhone Case: Shoot me a Text
Late July Roundup from Our Other Sites
Pool Lounger with Drink Cooling Armrests
Wipeout Chalk Guns Could Lead to Chalkdust Torture
Christmas Tree Light Projector is Like a Virtual Christmas Tree
iPad Cutting Board
Byte Nesting Dolls
Towel Bar and Faucet Combination!
Hand Cranked Android Phone Charger
3-D Pirate Ship Kite
Wear Someone’s Face with Face Profile Rings
Marble Track Table is Simply Marbelous
Redundant Clock Tells Time, Redundantly
Balanzza Ergonomic Digital Compact Luggage Scale is Worth It’s Weight in Baggage Fees
Strobe Light Hard Drive Clock Hack
Robot Dog Rocking Horse
iBoo iPod Dock is Pac-Man Ghost Inspired
Poop Shaped Humidifier
Drinking Cup and Spray Bottle Combo
Eris Planetary Sphere "Watch"
Monday Monkey Mania: USB Monkey Head Speaker
Baseball Bat Pepper Mill Spices Up your Grand Slam Breakfast
Freddy Krueger Animated Sweater of Horror
Music Mug Speaker
Superhero Tea Bags
Bed with Speakers in the Headboard
Pool Lounger with Drink Cooling Armrests
Remote Controlled Color Changing Lightbulb
Vacuum Glove Wouldn’t Suck
Put Whatever You Want in this Hanging Lamp
Banzai Titan Blast Rocket Toy Launches 100 Feet in the Air
Pup-Casso and Kitty-Casso Unleash Your Pet’s Inner Artist
A Door with a 17 Inch LCD Display
5 Foot Tall Bi-pedal Exoskeleton Walker for Kids
The Curvy Vivienne Tam MP3 Player
Singing Bird Alarm Clock
Origami Yoda
Mini Dice iPod Speakers
SmartIRON: Magnetic Workout Tracker
Cool Cop Keeps Cops Cool, Perps Hot
Automated Egg Printer
SmartShopper Automated Grocery List Printer Saves Your Guacamole
Eton Rukus Solar Powered Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Conductive Play-Doh Funfactorizes Electricity
Fire Bell Alarm Clock will Definitely Get You Up
Star Trek Car Boldly Goes Where No Car Would Ever Really Want to Go
Downloading Rug is Giving Me Flashbacks to Dial-Up Service
Click Button Arcade Watch: Time for a High Score
Bikini Phone
Vivitar’s $50 Waterproof Night Vision Pocket Sized Video Camera
Music Playing Light Up Toilet
Giant Pez Dog Treat Dispenser
Beer Koozie with a Thermometer
Karl Lagerfeld Tweed Helmet with iPod Pocket
Pocket Sized Radar Gun
Wavy Ergonomic Keyboard
The Accumulator Bank Will Help You Save for a New Drywall Installation
Gas Can Suitcase Isn’t Suspicious Looking at All
Brush Your Hair with a Microprocessor
Stand 1/4 Lights are Corner Lamps
A Really Classy Light Up Faucet
Pop-Up Slippers Are Ready in a Pinch
Behringer 10,000 Watt iNuke Boom is the World’s Loudest iPod Dock
Star Trek Capt. Kirk Apron
R2-D2 Flash Drive Cufflinks
AquaNotes Waterproof Notepad for Shower Note Taking
Keep Cool with a Liquid Filled Shirt
Car Door Batman Symbol Laser Projection Light
Emergency MP4 Player has 8 Functions Including Breathalizer and Pest Repellent
Flappy Bird Plush
My Adidas… Can Make Phone Calls
Swarovski Crystal Diamond Weather Station
R2-D2 Motorcycle Helmet
Glowing Zelda Belt Buckle Draws Attention to your Triforce
Stationary Troops Defend Your Desk, Hold Your Pens and Tape
Painter’s Easel Used as HDTV Stand
Double Goodness with the Two Flavor Ice Cream Maker
Water Bottles Made of Paper
Bucket Boss Adds Pockets to your Buckets
Star Trek Cookie Cutters: Set Phasers to Yum
Jedi Council Yoda Bank: Money Save You Much
iPhone Dock Fan
Turbo Transforming Taco Truck
Turn Your iPod Nano or Shuffle’s Packaging Into a Speaker with this Kit
Darth Vader Cake Pan
Submarine Sports Car
Higgs Boson Jigsaw Puzzle
Teddy Bear Phone is Both Cute and Ridiculous
Inflatable Climbing Wall (for your yacht)
LaCie CurrenKey Hard Drives Look Like Coins
Modded iPhone 4 with Backlit Glowing Apple Logo on Back
Instant Masterpiece Inflatable Picture Frames
Autonomous Saucier (Self-Stirring Sauce Device)
I Relish the Hamburger Bed
Gun Grip Drill is a Weapon of Mass Construction
Carpet Bocce Brings the Bowling Game Indoors
A Mousepad for Sir Mix-A-Lot
i-Woody: Wooden Chalkboard Screen Smartphone for Kids
Scandyna Ball Subwoofer
Giant Wiimote Cake
Skeleton Mouse is Just Plain Creepy
I Bake Pi Apron
FAIL! AT&T Invites Customers Nationwide to Niles, MI for 25% Off
Pac-Man VHS Tape Coffee Table
Motion Sensitive Retro Star Trek Door Chime
Giant Kit Kat is a Mere 45,000 Calories
Monday Mug Runs on Coffee
HYmini Wind Powered Personal Gadget Charger
Pump Up Your Sofa for Comfort
iBoo iPod Dock is Pac-Man Ghost Inspired
Best. Cake. Ever. Stormtrooper on the Toilet Cake
EyeClops Night Vision Goggles
Guitar Thermometer Rocks Way Past 11
Hair Dryer Cellphone Headset
Radar Pitching Trainer
NYC Subway Doors Backpack
Scosche FlipSYNC Keychain Sized iPod/iPhone Charger
Giant 10 Foot Long Computer Keyboard
Scrabble Keyboard is Simply Scrabulous
Peephole Camera and DVR for Home Security
Neck Line Slimmer Chin Exerciser
Recycled Printer Ink Cartridge Lamps
Incredible Edible: Chocolate iPhone Case
Find the Time with a Word Search Clock
Light Up Floppy Disk Shoulder Bag
Swissvoice ePure DECT Modern Design Landline Phone
Dead Guy Speakers Comes Alive
How to Use an iPad as a Plate to Eat From
Make Your Faucet Kid-Friendly with an Aqueduck
Donkey Kong Junior Tiled Shower
Star Trek Pot Holders
Rubik’s Cube Cake
What If? Star Wars as a Silent Film
Cow and Rooster K-Cup Holders
Haircut Umbrella Keeps Everything Off the Floor Except Your Dignity
Angry Birds Hats
R/C Wall Climbing Tron Light Cycle
Apple Sticker Car
Corner Frames Hang Your Pictures in Corners
Lightbulb Turned Oil Lamp
Ubiquitous Drum Pants
DIY Book Headboard
Manta Ray Blimp with Flapping Wings
Cow and Rooster K-Cup Holders
Space Invaders and Pac-Man Mini Cooper Art Cars
Doctor Who Ride-in Dalek for Kids
Dinosaur Egg Mp3 Player
Siemens LiftMatic Oven Lifts Your Food Up
Mr. T Chia Pet
Remote Control Bullpen Helmet Carts
Gears of War Bottle Opener Keychain
Star Wars Wicket the Ewok Bar of Soap
Mini Motel for Sleeping in Airports
Take Better iPhone Selfies with iSnapx Remote Shutter Controller
Star Wars Inflatable Light Up Lightsaber
Notepods are iPod Notepads
Big Bang Theory Sheldon and Howard Bobbleheads
Pistol Cables are Totally Killer
R2-D2 Yarnbombing
USB Powered Space Invaders Chocolate Cooler Crane Game Prize
USB Owl Doesn’t Give a Hoot
The Insane Cabestan Winch Tourbillion Vertical Watch
Frequency of Use Visualized Keyboard
Tweeting Bird Bicycle Horn
Don’t Expect To Get This When You’re Trick or Treating
Doctor Who Dalek Dress
Apocalypse Snow Globe
Connect the Dots with a Pac-Man Hoodie
R2-D2 Motorcycle Helmet
Chair Made of Recycled Plastic Bags
Pac-Man Pinky Ghost Floppy Disk Pixel Art
GPS Blocker for Stealth Movement
Gem Camera is Truly Outrageous, Truly Truly Truly Outrageous
Lighten Up Giveaway: Antec Bias Lighting Kit
Super Fun Dinosaur Sneakers
Glass Front Toaster Lets You Make Perfect Toast
Star Wars Wampa Arm Ice Scraper
Ghostbusters Helicopters are Coming!
Saitek PK17U Cyborg Gaming Keyboard with Tri-Color Backlighting
VHS Tape Pillow
Satechi Compact USB Surge Protector
Lili Lite is a Bookshelf, Reading Light and Bookmark
Doctor Who Tardis Book Light with UV Pen
Ewe Will Like this Sheep USB Flash Drive
BMW Motorcycle with Drum Kit Sidecar
Conair Massaging Slippers
Facebook Like Tip Box
U-Shaped USB Speaker
Doctor Who Tardis Ice Bucket
Hoodies for your iPod
Flapjack Octopus iPhone Case
Tweeting Commodore Computer
Giant Inflatable Robot Battle Fists
SuperSoaker Filled Coffee Table
TF11: Angry Birds Rubber Playground Balls
Dwarf 360° Omni-Directional Vibrating Speaker
Dryer Top Ironing Board
Rubik’s Cube and LiteBrite Coffee Tables
Lunch Disguise Bags
Strobe Light Hard Drive Clock Hack
Cordli iPhone Case Holds the Cord
Dollar Coin Guitar Pick
Wheels That Convert to Tank Treads
Uglydoll Super Heroes
Caterpillar USB Hub
Olive Solitaire Game Bowl Lets You Play with Your Food
Fridgeezoo Talking Fridge Pets
Earmuff Headphones Look Ugly, Probably Don’t Sound All That Great Either
LEGO Floating Swimming Pool Insect Detector and Eliminator
Intelliscanner Mini Personal Barcode Scanner
Lamp Powered by Your Blood
Arcade Video Game Cabinets for Model Railroads
Transformers Revenge of the Fallen Constructicon Devastator
Darwin Chair Transforms Into 200 Different Styles
Charlie Brown Cell Phone Case
A High Chair for Your Pet
Ctrl Alt Del Cups are Better than Rebooting
Another Awesome Star Wars Bed: Y-Wing Fighter
The Most Overdesigned Pen Holder Ever Created
The Mind Molester…eeeh who cares it’s called the Mind Molester- that’s awesome enough
Circle Gets the Square: Round GPS Unit from Art Lebedev
Solar Powered Analog Watch Sets Itself
Which Side are You on? Angel and Devil Earphones
Nokia’s Translating CameraPhone Gets Translations on the Fly
Star Wars Riding a Tauntaun Inflatable Costume
Trash Can Barbecue: Grill Like a Bum
Brain Shaped CFL Bulb
Death Star Tea Ball Infuser
Backpack Downhilling Scooter Folds into It’s Own Onboard Traveling Pack
Japanese Sensu Handheld Fan USB Flash Drive
Pocket Sized Guitar Hero volume 2
Icon Power Pack for iPhone is Iconic, Powerful
Keyboard with Built in Fan Keeps Your Hands Cool
Tunafish Can Alarm Clock is Dolphin Free
Talk to the Hand: Bluetooth Handset Gloves
Pet Food Bowls with Handles
Bubble Baby Bed is Clearly the Best
Snow Shorts with a Sled Built into the Butt
$45000 Aluminum Map of Baghdad Coffee Table
2 Seater Toilet Go Kart Really Puts the Go in Go Kart
Pocky Guitar
Stuck In Snow Extrication Kit
Odd Size Measuring Spoons Do the Math for You
Gift Ideas for Creative Kids
Gridiron Challenge Football Bounce House
Shair Chair is a Chair You Can Share With 8 People
Manhattan Skyline Dish Rack
Ruler Gun
Hoodie with Built in Beer Holding Pouch
GloPillow Wakes You Up By Lighting Up
Pac Man Painted Pumpkins for your Perfect Party
Pop Up Post-it 2010 Calendar
Space Invaders Keyboard Keys
LEGO Yoda with a Boombox
Game Over: Pac-Man Fleece Blanket
Rubik’s Cube Handbag is a Head Turner
Narwhalicorn Bendable Action Figure
Subivor Subway Survival Kit
Gummy Bear Anatomy Model: Gross Anatomy is Delicious
MacBook Boxes Dresser is Cheap and Expensive
Submarine Sports Car
Powerful TV Stand with Built in Speakers
Street Legal Bumper Cars
USB Crunching Cat
Peephole Camera and DVR for Home Security
Samurai Sword Kitchen Knife Set
Pixel Coasters Let You Punch Your Design Out
Cap’n Crunch Guitar Can Lay Down Some Crunchy Grooves
Knuckle Pounder Meat Tenderizer
Koss Expanding Earbuds Fit Any Ear
Washing Machine Ottoman Combination Device
iPhone Slot Machine
Hercules XPS Diamond Speakers
e-pill 6 Alarm Vibrating Pediatric Watch Reminds Kids to Take Their Meds
Pizza Scissors Might be the Worst Kitchen Gadget Ever
OCD Chef Cutting Board
Eat Cookies from Leonard Nimoy’s Head
Saitek PK17U Cyborg Gaming Keyboard with Tri-Color Backlighting
Darth Vader Santa Bobblehead
The Empire Strikes Crack: Lightsaber Toilet Paper Holder
Ghostbusters Helicopters are Coming!
Handheld Device Plays Full Size NES Game Cartridges
Picard Facepalm Cookies (Trek Treats)
Kitchen Scale with iPod Dock
Reminder: Enter to Win a Heat Changing Space Invaders Mug
Bicycle iPhone Holder is Either Genius or Dangerous
Lego Mp3 Player Spotted
Hello Kitty Branded Casio Exilim 8.1 MP Digital Camera
Designer Insect Trap: InaTrap Electronic Insect Killer
End of the World Countdown Timer
The Church Tank Sends a Mixed Message
Eco Speakers: Punky Brewster Would Approve
Life Sized Super Mario Piranha Plant
Handysoap Certainly is "Handy"
Caterpillar USB Hub
Stealthy Vulcan Salute Sweatshirt
Sticky Notes for the Back of your iPhone
Pet Food Bowls with Handles
Uglydoll Super Heroes
F#@K Tetris Cross Stitch
Donut Camera Probably Takes Sweet Shots
Clear Butter Mill Gives You Ribbons of Butter
Motorized BBQ Grill Brush
Orbit Server Makes It Easy to Pass the Peas
Giant Atari 2600 Joystick Lamp
Yoda Hangs Loose
NIN Phone Cases: I Want to Phone You Like an Animal
FUNature is Fun Furniture
Ottoman That Converts to a Bed
Bikini Phone
Attack of the Rebel Bass
Super Mario Piranha Plant Scarf
Pre-Black Friday Deals, Coupons, and Promo Codes
Space Invaders Crop Circle
Smart String Tape Measure
Sterling Silver Lego Rings
Wearable Toy Piano Shirt
Sideways Mounting Alarm Clock Lets You See the Time Without Rolling Over
3-D Dinosaur Cookie Cutters
USB Robot Bladeless Fan
Ouija Board Coffee Table
Mesuh No Wanta Jar Jar Binks Salad
Star Trek Enterprise Rug
Giant Sized Connect Four Game
Super Mario Made of Paperclips
Boombox Butter Dish
A Cooking Grate that Fits on a Spare Tire
Wearable Hummingbird Feeder
Pet Food Bowls with Handles
High Top Sneakers that Unzip to Become Flip Flops
Rubik’s Cube Bank
Death Star Bottle Opener
Punch Out Your Aggression with the USB Punch Head
It’s Ok to Run with these Compact Pen Style Scissors
Airplane Barf Bag Modified as an iPhone Holder
Rock Band Drum Set Cake Totally Rocks
WTF? Mobile Remote Pacifer
Action Figure Beach Blanket
What a bunch of Geeks!
Mouse with a Camera Underneath
Electrically Heated Rechargeable Boots from Columbia
Gyroscopic Bicycle Wheels Eliminate the Need for Training Wheels
Odd Size Measuring Spoons Do the Math for You
Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Door Decal
$200 CPU Stand from Neiman Marcus is Basically a Decorated Wood Box
Panda Bear MP3 Player
Inflatable Backyard Sports Arena
Rock Paper Scissors Game Sort of Defeats the Whole Idea
Port-a-poo Takes Your Dog’s Poop Out of Your Hands
Lignet Roset Pixel Clock has 300 LEDs
Inflatable Salad Bar
Darth Vader Mini-Blinds Turn Any Room to the Dark Side
Sushi Luggage Covers
Diamond and Ruby Encrusted Desk Chair
Tie Fighter Made from Starbucks Trash
We Met on Facebook Gum
Crickets Sound Toy for those Awkward Moments
McDonald’s French Fries iPhone Case
Iron Man Tony Stark Light Up Shirt
Beer Goddess is World’s Largest Beer Glass
Star Wars Thumb Doodles Book
Snow Shorts with a Sled Built into the Butt
A Microwave That Plays YouTube Videos
Pop Up Light as Thin as a Credit Card
Marvel Avengers 3D Wall Lights
Vancake is a Flattened VW Bus
Tokyoflash Logo Watch Can Go Binary
Two Finger Wood Pac-Man Ring
Eye Clock Tells Time with it’s Eyes
Wavy Ergonomic Keyboard
Air Animals Come Alive on New York City’s Streets
Cap Shooting Bottle Opener
Yodamin Franklin Antique Plate
Qlocktwo Clock Tells the Time with Words
Toilet Turbine Creates Energy from Poop and Pee
Mac vs. PC Chess Set
Playable Lego Star Wars Pinball Machine
Make Your Own Snow Globe Kit
Tiny Millipod Tripod Stays on Your Camera at All Times
Toilet Sound Blocker
Be Careful this Tie is Really a Camera
Bluetooth Headset Converts to a Ring
Condiment Shaped White-Out
Worst Product Ever? Cell Mate Hands Free Cellphone Holder
Barbie Digital Nail Printer Prints Right Onto Your Fingernails
Best. Simpsons Product. Ever. Kidrobot Vinyl Simpsons Mini Figures
Wavy Ergonomic Keyboard
Rice Cuber: It’s Hip to be Square (Food)
Peavey Marvel Superhero Guitars
DIY Perpetual Calendar
Zamboni Watch Has the Most Exciting Part of Hockey on Your Wrist
Transformers Costume that Actually Drives
Lego Bricks Used to Patch Real Bricks
Tetris Alarm Clock
A Mousepad for Sir Mix-A-Lot
10 Geeky Pi Items to Help Celebrate Pi Day (3.14)
Lili Lite is a Bookshelf, Reading Light and Bookmark
Super Mario Bros Mario Hat Pillow
Plug with a Hole for Easy Removal
iRoom iDock Motorized In-Wall iPad Mount
Nose Straightener
Toaster Phone is a Burnt Idea
Yankee Stadium Made of Legos
Star Wars USB Hand Warmers
Some Very Unique Novelty Earphones
Tiny Boombox is More of a GhettoWhisperer than a Ghettoblaster
Color Changing Light Up Mouse
Polaroid Camera Bookends
Beavis and Butthead in Real Life
Spy Gear Lazer Tripwire System
Make your Car Sound Fast with a SoundRacer Street Racing Engine Simulator
Solar Powered Guitar Tuner
Giant London Billboard Made of Real Cheese
Lightsaber Lava Lamps
Han Solo in Carbonite Electric Guitar
Spartan Knife Block
OMG They Killed Kenny…Doorstop
Giant 8 Foot Tall Lite Brite
Light Up iPhone Charging Cable
Scorzie: the Golf Score Keeping Koozie
Lighten Up Giveaway: Antec Bias Lighting Kit
Grow Herbs Right on Your Fridge
Solar Powered Blinds That Become a Lamp at Night
Commodore 64 Cake Looks Sweet
Happy Valentine’s Day!
Tati Light Looks Like a Widescreen TV
Neck Line Slimmer Chin Exerciser
Pot and Pan Scratch Protectors
Turn Kitty into a Cat Butler with a Wearable Cat Table
Survival Card is a Credit Card Sized Survival Kit
Space Invaders and Pac-Man Mini Cooper Art Cars
Obama Countdown Timer Keychain
Remote Controlled Color Changing Lightbulb
Smiley Face Button Camera
Wine Glass Speakers- Classier than a Box of Wine
Tyrant Alarm Clock will Ruin Your Life, Get You Up in the Morning
PizzaKobra Lamp Looks Like Either a Pizza or a Cobra
Wearable Dog Poop Catching Gizmo
Color Blind Clock
Waistband Mounted Flashlight: Better than a Headlamp
Leech Off In-Use Outlets with the Flip-It USB Charger
DIY Garage Ceiling Storage
Incredible Power Line Support Tower Design
USB Stress Ball
Gummy Bear Lamps are Pretty Sweet
Jesus Shaves Heat Changing Coffee Mug
Hot Idea: Create Fireballs You Can Hold in Your Hands
Jabba the Hutt Purse is this Season’s Must Have Fashion Accessory
Pole Dancer Cufflinks
Colored Flame Candles
Bossa Nova Prime 8 Gorrilla Robot
Mason Jar Speakers
Skeleton USB Flash Drive Holds His Own Head
Plants vs. Zombies Risk Board Game
Kitchen Scale with iPod Dock
Star Wars Riding a Tauntaun Inflatable Costume
Joby Gorillapod Bicycle
TF11: Awesome Nintendo Claw Game
Horizontally Wall Mounted Dishwasher Concept
Pac Man Wallet
Android Droid Eating Bloody Apple MacBook Decal
Solar Powered Papercraft Bobbleheads
Einstein’s Relativity Watch
Working Urinal Made of SNES Video Game Cartridges
Gadgets Roundup: Cool Gadgets We Were Too Lazy to Write About
iControlpad Puts Gaming Controls on any Smartphone
Beast or Buddy Shooting Gallery
LED Sound Activated Pumpkin Shirt
Bubble Baby Bed is Clearly the Best
WiiPod is an iPod in a Wiimote
Tokyoflash Logo Watch Can Go Binary
USB Battleship Hub: (Insert Your Own "Port" or "Dock" Joke Here)
Farmville Land Coasters Bring Virtual Farming to Your Breakfast Table
Take a Wash on the Wild Side with Animal Print Sinks
Speed Bumps that Flatten at Low Speeds
Scanner Hidden in a Book Mod
CrowdedInk $25 Zazzle Gift Certificate Giveway
Rube Goldberg Cadbury Egg Smashing Machine
TrailCart- a Pedal Powered Off-Road ATV
Martyr Nightlight Tries To Save Himself
Speed Bumps that Flatten at Low Speeds
Bring Your Own Airport Transportation with a Suitcase with an Integrated Scooter
Skateboard Guitar Rocks n’ Rolls
Stern Pinball Announces Avengers Pinball
Deodorant Docking Station Tracks Your Hygiene Over the Web
Wedding Countdown Clock
Darth Vader Cake Pan
Camouflage Helicopter Audio Player
12 Volt Pizza Oven for your Car
Playstation Controller Soap for a Good Clean Game
Animated Pong T-Shirt
Pac-Man Stapler, Paperclips and Sticky Notes
Coral LED Lamps
Crochet Tom Servo from Mystery Science Theater 3000
Sleep Disco Style with a Luminous Fiber Optics Bed Cover
Color Changing Bowl Lights Up Your Parties
Doctor Who Tardis Teapot
Movie Theater Bus Trumps Your Backseat DVD Player
A Microwave That Plays YouTube Videos
Convertible Sofa Turns into a Snooker Table
Directors Chair that Folds Down into a Messenger Bag
ZenWheels Tiny iPhone Controlled R/C Car
Dryer or Fire? LintAlert Dryer Safety Alarm
Review: Solar Charger and Flash Drive from
Humpday Gadget Giveaway: USB Aromatherapy Oil Burner- ENDED
Vintage Camera Nightlights
Deodorant Docking Station Tracks Your Hygiene Over the Web
Bottle Popper Easy Bottle Opener
USB Pixel Mouse is Definitely Hand-y
TonSchrein v. 2.0: Insane 4 Foot Tall Gothic iPad Speaker Dock
Star Wars AT-AT Walker Lamp
Art Lebedev’s Segmentus Clock is Mesmerizing
Knit Pac-man Ghost Hats
Skateboard Chairs
Aroma and Sound Therapy Alarm Clock
Bar Code Shower Door is Easy to Scan at the Checkout Line
Matzah iPhone Case is Unleavened
A Twittering Typewriter (Twypper)
Use Big Balls to Crack Your Nuts
Astounding Keyring Kite
Oxygen Lamp Tank
Cardboard Radio Review
Darth Vader Planetarium
Moving Pac-Man and Ghosts
Kickball Ice Cream Maker Really Kicks Ice
$27,000 Pirate Ship Treehouse Might Just be Overkill
Use Herbs to Baste with the Herb Wand
Color Changing Sprinkler Waters Your Lawn with Style
USB Surgeon Flash Drive
Wildstyle Graffiti Inspired Skateboards
Napper: The Alarm Clock Designed for Napping
R2 Fish School Training Kit Trains Your Fish to Do Tricks
Dexter Heat Changing Mug
Air Traffic Control Tower Dresser
Jammin Johns Will Rock the Crap Out of You
Creepy Skin Tight Star Wars Costumes
Terminator Skull DVD Player is Scary as Hell
World’s Longest Sofa Built
Rotary Telephone USB Hub
Star Trek Enterprise Coffee Table
Sliding Patio Door Automatic Electronic Pet Door
Cat Bed Made from a Computer Monitor
R2D2 Tissue Holder is an Insult to a True Hero of the Universe
TurboSpoke Bicycle Exhaust System makes your bike sound like a motorcycle
Advertiser Shoutout
Book of Light is a Book with a Light INSIDE
Custom Painted Star Wars High Tops
Do Some Social Networking in the Shower
Smiley Face Button Camera
Headphone Bookends
Giant Wiimote Cake
Magic 8 Ball USB Drive
Outdoor Inflatable Home Theater Turns Your Yard Into a Movie Theater
Motorcycle Helmet Shaped USB Humidifier
Desktop Fireplace
Tacocopter, Flying Taco Delivery Drone
Christmas Tree Light Projector is Like a Virtual Christmas Tree
Transformers Monopoly: Classic Board Game in Disguise
Watermelon Wrist Rest and Screen Cleaner
Angry Birds Space Race (Trouble) Game
Donkey Kong LEGO Model
Solar Powered Liquor Storing Lingerie
Aircraft Carrier Barbecue Grill
Smoke Filled Bubble Machine
Jar Jar Binks Thank You Cards
Guitar Hero Scarf Hits All the Right Notes
Snack Capsule Folds Up Into a Ball
Wakin Shakin Bacon Alarm Clock
Wear Your Meme: Nyan Cat Tie
Mickey Mouse Meets the Transformers
Ceiling Fan with Built in Speakers
Grip Clip Puts a Pencil on Your Glasses
MP3 Player Shaped Like a Puzzle Piece
Zibits Mini R/C Robots
Instant Badminton Court
Powerstrip Candles
Wall Outlet Mounted Space Heater
Contractor Space Pen is the Norm Abrams of Pens
Humpday Gadget Giveaway: Pocket Percussion Prize Package- ENDED
Carpet Bocce
Real Murder X-Box Controller Mod
British Red Telephone Booth Shaped Cell Phone
LEGO Rube Goldberg Machine
Gift Ideas for Pets and Pet Lovers
Marvel Comics Ice Cube Tray
Skeleton USB Flash Drive Holds His Own Head
Be Careful this Tie is Really a Camera
USB Powered Boob Warmer
Boomphones, Headphones that Transform to a Boombox
Playable NES in a Cartridge Mod
R/C UFO Ball Helicopter
Segway Style Scooter with Tank Treads
Library Book Style Vintage Board Games Store Vertically
Space Invaders Fleece Blanket
MacBook Boxes Dresser is Cheap and Expensive
Jawa Mini Cake
Spill Proof Salsa Bowl
Crockpot with Car Adapter for Travelling and Crocking
Zero Fog Blaster Gun Shoots Smoke Rings
Ray Gun Mug
Samsung Alias 2 Cellphone with an E-Ink Keypad
Taj Mahal LEGO Set is Largest Ever at 5922 Pieces
Bedol Clock Runs on Water
Giant Kevin Bacon Head Made of….Bacon
Solar Powered Sculpture Creates Itself
Mini TV Pillow
49 Port USB Hub Might be Overkill
Ramen Noodle Cup Humidifier
Powerstrip Candles
9 Gifts That Will Fit Inside Your Wallet
Star Ship Chandelier is Like Totally Star Trek’s USS Enterprise
Kusa Grass Topped Flip Flops
CarPuchino: The Coffee Powered Car
Inflatable Boat Dress: Great for Fashion Emergencies
EZ Cracker Egg Separator Holds the Shells
Vintage Apple Computer Circuit Board Clocks
My Reusable Bag Makes Me Better Than You
Missile Command Skirt
Pinch and Dash Salt and Pepper Shakers: Very Handy
Colorful Crayola Mouse and Keyboard
Review: AirFit Adjustable Pillow
Error 404 Snack Tray: Food Not Found
Windows 3.1 Curtains for your Real Windows
Nikon 7072 Lens Pen Cleaning System
Bizarre Calculator is Designed to Crash
Star Trek U.S.S. Enterprise Spatula
Vintage Baseball Cards Made into Notepads
Master Lock iCage- Lock Up Your iPod
Obama Chia Pet
Really Cool Looking Space Invaders Cutting Board
Lightsaber Lava Lamps
New Digg: Oregon Trail Fail Screen
R2-D2 Bobble Head..Wait, What?
It’s Ok to Run with these Compact Pen Style Scissors
Layered Drink Mixer
The Most Ridiculous Custom Cars You Will Ever See
Tilt this MicroSD Card Holding Tokyoflash Watch to See the Time
Melted Cassette Tape Skull
Wrench Bench
USB Mouse Hub- the Rodent, Not the Input Device
Calculator Maze is the Mullet of Calculators
Lego Brick Construction T-Shirt
Musical Cake Tray with LED Slicing Guides is the Most Technologically Advanced Serving Tray Ever
Lightsaber Bottle Opener
Shower Power Handle for Doing It in the Shower
One Click Butter Cutter
R2-D2 Diaper Cake
Rocking Chair for You and Your Pet
Egg-O Bottle Chiller and Pourer
Giant Sized Jenga
Three New Bizarre USB Gadgets from Thanko
Spiral Reservoir Pens Hold Double the Ink
Experience the Ganzfeld Effect with a Laxman Inner-tainment System
Darth Vader Christmas Stocking with Sound
Washing Machine Ottoman Combination Device
Get Drunk From the Dark Side with a Darth Vader Stein
Zombie Snowflakes
RaccoRack Phone and Notepad Holder
LED Illuminated Horseshoes Set