How about 500 random posts in a pinboard style layout? You got it:

Atari Playing Cards
Toilet Bowl Dog or Cat Water Bowl
4 Classic Video Game Inspired Tile Designs
Door with Drawers
My Side Your Side Pillows
Strawberry USB Optical Mouse
Do Some Social Networking in the Shower
Gigantic Inflatable iPod Dock Boombox
Strobe Light Hard Drive Clock Hack
Wireless USB Rocket Launcher Takes Cube Warfare to the Next Level
Blinking Light Up LED Headphones
Pool Float for Dogs
V8 Engine Powered Snowblower Really Blows
Cable Carpet Hides Your Cords in Style
Crystal Encrusted Vacuum Cleaner is World’s Most Expensive
Throne of Nerds
Franklin Chair Stepladder
You Can Nap Under this Desk like George Costanza
USB Mini Ball Speaker
Golf Club with Built in Weed Whacker
Atomix Fractal Creating Gadget
Top 10 Unusual Barbecue Accessories
Saitek PK17U Cyborg Gaming Keyboard with Tri-Color Backlighting
4 in 1 Darth Vader Transformer
Massaging Backpack Takes a Weight Off Your Shoulders
Nike Dunk Teen Wolf Sneakers are Hairy
Wedding Ring Burns Your Flesh Days Before Anniversaries
USB Hot Dog Flash Drive
iBamboo iPhone Speaker
Wood Whale Holds An iPhone In Its Mouth
Steve Jobs Head in Pixel Art 3D on your Desk
Best. Cake. Ever. Stormtrooper on the Toilet Cake
Review: SoundDew Wireless Water Resistant Speaker
Snowglobe Bear Salt and Pepper Shakers
7 Foot Tall Optimus Prime Balloon Sculpture
Star Wars Lego Mini-Figure Alarm Clocks
Time Turns Elastic with the Stretch Clock
Mouse Blisters make your Mouse more Grippy
Another Awesome Star Wars Bed: Y-Wing Fighter
Funky Wall Mounted Key Holder
Golf Bag Utility Belt
Giant Ear iPhone Case- Can You Hear Me Now?
Building Beer Brewing Bender
Care Bears Body Armor
Tampon USB Flash Drive
Novelty Computer Keys
Motion Activated Candy Dispenser
Wearable Dog Poop Catching Gizmo
Motorized Stunt Kite
Peephole Camera and DVR for Home Security
Valentine’s Day Confetti Vase Kit Geekifies Your Flowers
Tag Your Own Box Truck
Indoor Rotisserie Turkey Fryer
Dual Folding Skateboard
Keyboard Key Hanger
Lightsaber Lava Lamps
Radio Dock Turns Your iPhone into an Old School Radio
Dining Table Kitchen Sink Combination
The $31,500 Spaceship-Shaped Star Wars and Star Trek Playing Music Box
LeapFrog Zippity High-Energy Video Learning System
Zamboni Desk Vacuum
Two Person Slanket Siamese Introduced: Your Move Snuggie
Ultimate Blinged Out Earphones- Diamond Tiara Hearts
Flying Duck Hunter Shooting Toy
Shark Pet Bed
Thanko Earphones Have Sound Facing Away from your Ears
DIY Calculator
B0rkedend Mouse Toothbrush Holder
Samurai Sword Kitchen Knife Set
Crabs Shape your Weiner
Windows 3.1 Curtains for your Real Windows
Weaponize your iPhone with a Knucklecase
Zelda Triforce Rug
Glide Clip Cleans Off Your Knives
DIY Dinosaur iPhone Dock Roaaar
Mixed Martial Arts Trainer
Pixelated Skull Clock
Wizard of Oz Wicked Witch of the East Leg Lamp
Gluvi is a Jimmy Hat for Your Remote Control
BA-K-47 is a Bacon AK47
Star Wars Dart Board
Hand Cranked Electric Shaver Will Give You a Workout and a Shave
Transformers Monopoly: Classic Board Game in Disguise
Light Up Roulette Wheel T-Shirt
Bubble Pop Calendar
VW Bus Toaster Imprints a VW Logo on Toast
Incredible Master Chief Halo XBox 360 Case Mod
Robber Baron Table is Made of Pollution
Camping Mat of the Future Only Lets Sand Go Through It in One Direction
Grabit Pack Review
Solar Powered Electric Shaver
$40,000 Water Slide? I’ll Take 2.
Poop Rocket and Boob Rocket Stress Relievers
Obi-Wan Kenobi vs Darth Vader Cake
Typewriter Joystick Makes Perfect Sense
Bury the Habit with a Recordable Coffin
Minecraft Pickaxe Stylus
Crochet Ellen DeGeneres
Donkey Kong Junior Tiled Shower
Storm Trooper and Pac-Man Garters for the Sexy Geekette
Fairy Messenger Elf USB Reacting Thing
Bugatty Cell Phone is a Real Car Phone
Lego Chess Set
Star Wars Lightsaber (Handle) MP3 Player
Disembodied Ears Earphone Holder
Solar Powered Generator
Ethernet Cable Action Figures
Double Walled Glasses with Silicone Band Keep Your Drink Hot, Hands Cool
Nubrella The No Hands Umbrella
Sleep with the Fishes: Tuna Fish Sleeping Bag
Googly Eye Wallpaper Lets You Draw Your Own Characters
Suitcase for your Bicycle
Big Wheels Trike with Built in Watergun
Cipher Glasses Tell You What You’re Drinking
Q2 Radio Cube is Controlled by Tilting and Flipping
The Hourglass Goes Digital
Pitfall Crocodile and Scorpion Doormats Encourage Guests NOT to Wipe Their Feet
Roaring Good Time: Ride-On T-Rex Dinosaur Pool Float
Tiki Head Tissue Box Cover
Black Friday Online Deals
Solar System INSIDE a Cake
Stepped in Chewing Gum High Heels
BedUp Ceiling Mounted Murphy Bed Saves Space, Looks Cool
Car Projector Clock
Pixelated Skull Clock
MP3 Player Controlled By Motion Only
Vulcan Salute Bookmark Makes Books Even Geekier
Air Frame is the Airplane Window Picture Frame
Ultimate Basketball Kitchen Gadget
F1 Grands Prix Limousine
How to Carry 8 Buckets of Water at Once By Yourself
Magic 8-Ball Guitar Amplifier
Vertical Bed Lets You Nap While Standing on the Sidewalk
Tokyoflash’s Latest Watch has a Breathalyzer Built In
Boombench is Literally a Bootyshaker
Gold Plated Playing Cards
Wipeout Chalk Guns Could Lead to Chalkdust Torture
Old iPods Turned into Speakers…for iPods
Electronic Drum Machine Shirt
Chewbacca Messenger Bag
Stormtrooper Helmet Groom’s Cake
iPhone Cases with Playable Marble Games
Robot Head Toilet Paper Holder
Millennium Falcon Hair Clip
Powerstrip Candles
Small Foot: Inflatable Snow Shoes
LEGO Statue of Liberty Set
Binary Low Table is Made of Old Electronics
USB Card Pens
Spinnaker Horn-Shaped Bluetooth Speaker System
Millennium Falcon Turntable
Oy Vey: It’s a Bagel Shaped USB Flash Drive (and we’re giving one away!)
Jelly Belly Earbuds
Bicycle Rickshaw with a Stripper Pole is Like a Mobile Strip Club
Batman Full Image Zip-Up Hoodie Doubles as a Mask
Darth Vader Rings the Opening Bell at the Stock Market (video)
Strangest Remote Control Ever: the Gel Remote
VW Bus Drink Cooler
Chalkboard iPhone Case
USB Surgeon Flash Drive
UFO Webcam has both a Fan and Microphone
The Insane Cabestan Winch Tourbillion Vertical Watch
Jumbo Inflatable Bowling Ball and Pins
Review: Epson WorkForce 600 Wireless Printer/Copier/Scanner/Fax
HotLogic Mini Personal Portable Oven
Multi-Shot Rubber Band Shotgun
Magnetic Hangers Don’t Need No Stinkin Hooks
Time to Remember: Sticky Note Wrist Watch
Finger Sporks
Review: Hitachi SimpleTough 500 GB USB Portable External Hard Drive
Life Clock and Bank of Life Have Little People Living Inside
4 Classic Video Game Inspired Tile Designs
Superhero Suit Bag
Peephole Camera and DVR for Home Security
Planet Earth Reusable Bag
Hannah Montana Guitar Hero Plug n Play Type Video Game
Space Invaders Toaster
Anti-Snoring Device "Watch" Snore Stopper
Fairy Messenger Elf USB Reacting Thing
Orbit Server Makes It Easy to Pass the Peas
Snow and Ice Boots with Retractable Spikes
12 Pack Vending Machine
Cello Made of Lego
Anti-Aging Oxygen Therapy Tank…..FOR DOGS!
Shopping Bag or iPod Speaker?
ThinkPad W700 Laptop with a 10.6 Inch Attached Second Screen
Doctor Who Tardis MAME Arcade Cabinet
Wii Bowling Ball Accessory
Endless Peeling Banana Toy for People Who Really Like to Peel Bananas
World’s Largest Gummy Worm is a 4000 Calorie Monster
Hollowed Out Tree Trunk iPod Speaker Dock
Waterproof Bag for the iPhone
Pop Up Collapsible Silicone Sink Colander
Mailing It in Giveaway: USB Mailbox Friends Alert Light
Treadmill Bicycle
Cloak Bag Lets You Take Pictures Without Taking Out Your Camera
Wireless Toothbrush Camera
Camping Chair with iPad Holder
Hoodies with Headphones Built Into the Strings
Master Lock iCage- Lock Up Your iPod
Landscape Dinner Set
Bedol Clock Runs on Water
Fancy Chocolate Bar USB Hub
Window Mounted Clothes Drying Rack
Kitchen Scale with iPod Dock
Racing Tire Clock Spy Camera MP3 Player
Space Invaders Shower Curtain
Flatscreen TV Hides Under Your Bed and Pops Up Like a Transformer
Critter Cruiser Puts Your Hamster Behind the Wheel
Giant Jigsaw Puzzle Rug
Lunch Lady Action Figure
Atari Motherboard Headband
Tetris Sandwich Cutter
Cube Clock Claps On
Panamap is a Map with Three Views in One
Stars Wars Fishing Rod and Tackle Box
Lap Desk with Notebook Computer Cooling Fan
Robot Mask with iPhone Moving Mouth
Vintage Electronics Styled Household Organization Items
Twitter Tweet Shaped Birdhouse
Collapsible Crutches
Solar Bikini Charges Your iPod
It’s Not a Motorcycle Baby, It’s a Chopper Scooter
Chew Chew Train Transforming Dinner Set
Inflatable Climbing Wall (for your yacht)
USB Hot Dog Flash Drive
Lenovo Ideapad s10-3t Flips from Netbook to Tablet
iMote: Kid Friendly Remote Control
iPoo the Toilet Paper Holder and iPod Dock
Grow a Geek
Find the Time with a Word Search Clock
G-Spout Adds a Spout to Any Pot or Pan
Space "Intruders" (Invaders) Drink Markers
Pac Man Painted Pumpkins for your Perfect Party
Party Timer Concept Tells you if the Party’s Rockin’
Alien Abduction Lamp is Awesome
Geek Weathervane
Redneck Toilet Plunger
Jet Powered Lawnmower Tractor
5 Essential Snowball Fight Gadgets
Black Diamond Glowing Bluetooth Speaker
Ninja Star Ice Cubes
Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except for Me and My Monkey Speakers
Flatmobile is World’s Flattest Car and a Jet Powered Batmobile Replica
AC Charger Hidden Camera
Polite Umbrella Gets Smaller for Passing
Nikon 7072 Lens Pen Cleaning System
NES Controller Modded to be a 4 Port USB Hub
iPhone 4 Pillows
Shirts with Transparent Pockets
Coral LED Lamps
Spaceship Bathtub is Out of this World
Super Mario Made of Paperclips
LEGO Gameboy and PSP are Cool But not Playable
$2 Million Gold and Jeweled Monopoly Board
Mini Frisbee Golf Set
SuperSoaker Filled Coffee Table
Storm Trooper Digital Camera
Guard Man Phone Holder
Mesuh No Wanta Jar Jar Binks Salad
Star Wars Jedi Bathrobe
Talk Like Darth Vader with the Star Wars Spy Gear Voice Changer
Levitating Bluetooth Speaker (Really!)
Millennium Falcon Hair Clip
The SpaceStation is a Space Saving…Station
Slip n’ Slide Knee Hockey Rink
Wrist Mounted Finger Piano
FIFA BBQ Grill PC Computer Casemod
Coin Slot Detector to Help You Avoid Carpenter Crack
Cat Bed Made from a Computer Monitor
Safety Beams Alarm Kit
Pac-Man Stapler, Paperclips and Sticky Notes
Man Builds Giant .44 Magnum Mailbox
Cleanwater Infant Bathtub and Spout Cover
Panda Bear MP3 Player
Star Wars Tie Fighter Playhouse
Cleavage Caddy
Calculator Maze is the Mullet of Calculators
Laptop Steering Wheel Table
Mango Splitter
Castle Transforming Dinner Set
iMainGo2 iPod Speaker Case Giveaway
Tweeting Bird Bicycle Horn
Topography Bowl Lets You Eat in the Mountains
USB Mini Monkey Lamp
E-Light Indoor Outdoor Umbrella Pole iPod Speaker and Lamp
Wood Camera Tape Dispenser
Facebook Like Dislike Cufflinks
Space Invaders Shower Curtain
Heated USB No Finger Santa Gloves
10 Foot Wingspan Remote Controlled Bald Eagle
Storm Trooper Hoodies from Marc Ecko
Parahawking: Parachuting with a Pair of Hawks on Your Arms
Zookeeper USB Drives are Happy Little Animals
Measurement Gloves Look Hand-y
Thumbs Up Radio is Handy
Ninja Throwing Star USB Drive
Headphile Makes Your Headphones Pretty
Smoking Machine Does the Smoking for You
Inflatable Salad Bar
3-D Glasses Dress is Subtle
Don’t Go In There! Sci-Fi Door Decals
Banzai Titan Blast Rocket Toy Launches 100 Feet in the Air
Yoda Cake Looks Good to Eat, Say You
Review: AirFit Adjustable Pillow
Geekiest Font Ever: Consolefont
Gresso Cruiser Titanium White Luxury Phone
Millennium Falcon Joystick comes with the Star Wars Trilogy TV Game
Star Wars Hockey Goalie Masks by Bauer
Giant Camping Chair with Basketball Hoops
R2-D2 Bobble Head..Wait, What?
Crayola Crayon Executive Pen is the Pen that Looks Like a Crayon
VW Bus Toaster Imprints a VW Logo on Toast
Retro USB Mouse
Kitchen Scale with iPod Dock
Click Button Arcade Watch: Time for a High Score
UV Light Sanitizing Cutting Board System
Cntrl Alt Del Tool Makes it Easy to Reboot
Holeder Earphones Clasp Behind Your Neck When Unused
NapTV for more Efficient TV Napping
Express-o Yourself with a Chalkboard Coffee Mug
WiiMan Costume Actually Works as a Wii Controller
MedCenter 31 Day Pill Organizer
Cat Tunnel Couch
Sliding Door Power Outlet Covers
Facebook Like Tip Box
Lego Chess Set
Googly Eye Wallpaper Lets You Draw Your Own Characters
Hanukkah Menorah USB Hub
Guitar Hero Scarf Hits All the Right Notes
Neck Rest Cushion with Speakers
CarPuchino: The Coffee Powered Car
Playable Fender Bass Snowboard for Duff McKagan
This Fish Tank Only Looks Like It’s Going Over the Edge
Towel Bar and Faucet Combination!
R/C Flying Messaging Helicopter
Mr. Brightside USB Keyboard Light
Millennium Falcon Turntable
Crickets Sound Toy for those Awkward Moments
Hello? I’m Your Houseplant. Feed Me. Now.
Swoop the Owl iPhone Pillow
Keyboard with a Plate in the Middle
Thumbs Up for the USB Thumb Drive
World’s Smallest Electronic Baseball Game
Polaroid Rings
Empty Frame Chair is Ideal for Hanging Clothes On
Cigarette Lighter Phone is the iPhone Killer
Energy Efficient Lamp is Powered by a Telephone Jack Only
Flying Millennium Falcon Toy
Disney Mickey Mouse MP3 Shower Speaker
Brains in a Jar Steampunk Computer Mouse
Real Working Computer Keyboard Made of Legos
Han Solo Frozen in Carbonite Bank
Game of Thrones Map of Westeros 3D Puzzle
Pre-Black Friday Deals, Coupons, and Promo Codes
Star Wars Incense Burners: Darth Vader and Stormtrooper
Grocery Getter Bicycle Converts from Bike to Shopping Cart
Angry Birds Perfume Set (Smells like Slingshots?)
Laser Go-Go Dancer Cage iPod Dock
Little Professor Clock
Landscape Dinner Set
It’s Not a Jail Cell, It’s a Cell Phone Jail
Monkey with Heat Sensitive Color Changing Afro
Pocket Size Laser Projector
A Mousepad for Sir Mix-A-Lot
Cyclone Spiral Hot Dog Cutter
Scandyna Ball Subwoofer
Square Rain Umbrellas
Camera Lens Bracelets
Vodafone Truck Can Charge 2000 Cell Phones
Archimede’s Scale Bowl Floats and Weighs
Rock ‘n Roll and Movie Maps
Jellyfish Touch Color Lamp Can Change to ANY Color
Follow Craziest Gadgets on Facebook
Make Hot Dog Shaped Hamburgers with the Ham Dogger
Ninja Ghost Lightclip iPhone Accessory
UFO Mini Speaker is out of this World
Wii Bowling Ball Accessory
Picard Facepalm Cookies (Trek Treats)
Kooky Klickers USB Drives: WTF is this?!
Water Powered Calculator
Steamtrooper Steampunk Stormtrooper Helmet
Shirt 2 Pillow Transformer
Fake Mouse iPhone Case
Time Turns Elastic with the Stretch Clock
R2-D2 Measuring Cup Set
App Magnets: There’s an App for That
Waterproof Submarine Shaped Flash Drive
Lightsaber Chopsticks
Aphrodite Bust USB Hub
Recipe Rock
In Pool Exercise Bike
8-Bit Pixel Cube Construction Kit
Rifle Handle Umbrella
Gift Ideas for the Home
Use an Online Punching Bag to Create a Custom Lamp
Hippo Foot Massager
Newton Milk and Sugar Set Keeps Your Sugar Level
Space Invaders and Pac-Man Heat Changing Mugs
Money Shredding Alarm Clock Proves Time Really is Money
Power Plug Lock
Star Wars 3D Pop Up Book
GPS Shoes to Keep Tabs on Alzheimer’s Patients
Space Shuttle Slippers
One Laptop Per Child Computer Microwave Melted into a Mutant Slug Thing
Alien Autopsy Tissue Box
Superhero Suit Bag
USB Hub: Form of a Cat
Oy Vey: It’s a Bagel Shaped USB Flash Drive (and we’re giving one away!)
Andy Warhol Wig Sofa
Valentine’s Day Confetti Vase Kit Geekifies Your Flowers
Rain Level Boots Tell You How Screwed You Are
iPad Holding Toilet Paper Stand
Polar Ice Cube Molds
Rubiks Cube Pixel Artwork
Cornobi: Lightsaber Corn Cob Holder
Gun Phone is Scary
Magnetic Spot Scrubber Cleans the Inside of Containers
Some Interesting Speaker Designs from the Made by Makers Workshop
Doctor Who Dalek Bathrobe
Money Shredding Alarm Clock Proves Time Really is Money
Skeleton Key Chess Set
Darth Vader Corset Tempts Me to go to the Dark Side
Spoonless Drink Stirring Glass
Gameboy Ring
Turn Real Bananas (and more!) into a Piano
Zevro Indispensable Coffee Dispenser
Remote Controlled Ramen Noodle Cart
History of Mario in a Cross Stitch
Elephant Schlong USB Flash Drive
Man Builds Functional Power Hand Claw
Waterproof Bag for the iPhone
Life-Size Talking HAL 9000 Replica
Jack Your Earbud Holding Buddy
Pac-Man Inspired Seating Options
Cyclone Spiral Hot Dog Cutter
Flaming Marshmallow Shooter Might Not be the Best Idea
Magnetic Hangers Don’t Need No Stinkin Hooks
AT-AT Boombox Combines Two Great 80’s Things
MultiAccount Credit Cards
A Hotel for Fish
Custom Painted Star Wars High Tops
Keromin- Half Theremin Half Kermit the Frog
Door with Drawers
Humpday Gadget Giveaway: USB Humping Dog!- ENDED
PS2 Arcade Style Controller in a Tupperware Container
USB Combination Lock Secures Your Data the Old Fashioned Way
Massaging Backpack Takes a Weight Off Your Shoulders
Toilet Turbine Creates Energy from Poop and Pee
Lipstick Shaped Mouse is Pretty, Impractical
Carpal Tunnel Wrist Support
Shark Lifejacket for Dogs
USB Powered Heated Eye Warmer Sleepmask Thing WTF?!
iPhone Case that Lights Up Using the Flash
Doctor Who Tardis Jello/Cake Mold
Bring out the Gimp (iPhone Case)
Amethyst Crystal Studded DJ Headphones
Pizza Pi Cutter- Cut Your Pie with Pi
Samsung Alias 2 Cellphone with an E-Ink Keypad
A Faucet That’s Also a Vase
Katapult Pen is a Slingshot Really
42" Flatscreen TV Turned into a Wearable iPhone Costume
Plush Wampa Backpack
Hopscotch Hero
Quickpod Extendable Handheld Tripod
Human Hand Dog Leash
Giant Ear iPhone Case- Can You Hear Me Now?
Old iPod Turned into a Cigarette Case
"What Would Obama Do?" Electronic Decision Maker
Aqua Golf is a Backyard Water Hole
USB Gas Stove Cup Warmer Doesn’t Use Gas
Humpday Gadget Giveaway: USB Humping Dog!- ENDED
Wiki iMusic Inflatable Chair
Guitar Shaped Boat
Beer Pong Rack with Freezable Center
Golf Club Head Mouse
New Kisai Round Trip Watch from Tokyoflash
Ice Candle Burns and Melts at the Same Time
Millennium Falcon Cufflinks
Lego USB Hubs
Get it in the Hole to Quiet this Golf Alarm Clock
Bernanke Piggy Bank is Made of Money
Hendekagram is a Gramophone Earbud Amplifier
Ceiling Mounted Bathroom Sink Faucet
Greenbo Rail Mounted Planters
Bev-Burry is a Blackberry Flask
Tic Tac Toe Pencil Holder
Coke Ad Turns Magazine into Amplifying iPod Dock
Hand Cranked Android Phone Charger
Ultimate Geek Tool: Pocket Protector for your Laptop
Beer Bottle Opening Shirt
Smoke Filled Bubble Machine
Solar Powered Guitar Tuner
Withings iPhone Connected Blood Pressure Monitor
Kitchen and Bathoom LCD TV’s Turn Into Mirrors When Off
KidCo GoPod Portable Activity Seat
CrowdedInk $25 Zazzle Gift Certificate Giveway
49 Port USB Hub Might be Overkill
Hug Me Pillow is just Freaky
Running Water Faucet iPhone/iPad Stand
Bluetooth Enabled Dice
Picnic Blanket with Speakers
Skitterbot Robotic USB Bug
Amazing Homemade Asteroids Watch
Death Star BBQ Grill
Star Trek Enterprise Sushi Set
Working Lego Telephone (Landline)
Angry Birds Inflatable Bop Bags
Knife Block with Cutting Board
Shoe Rack You Can Kick Your Shoes Right Into
Digital Photo Frame and Pencil Cup
Removable Head Robot USB Flash Drive
Mr. Pod USB Flash Drive is Cuter than an iPod
Space Invaders Soap Might Convince Me to Take a Shower
Magician Sword Box Armoire is a Killer Way to Store Clothes
Apple Sticker Car
Eames Era Decor Meets the Computer Age
iWrench iPhone Stand
Bling Duck Headphones
MatchStick Kindle Fire Speaker and Charging Dock
MacBook Boxes Dresser is Cheap and Expensive
Slip N’ Slide Human Bowling with the Banzai Slip ‘N Six Pins
Stop Door Stop
Solar Powered Safari Hat will Keep You Cool While Looking…
Tie Fighter Made from Starbucks Trash
UFO Juicer is Out of this World
Color Changing Chameleon Lamp
The World’s Smallest Violin USB Drive, Storing Data Just for You
Anteater Bug Vacuum
Super Mario Rube Goldberg Machine Wins Contest
Vacation Countdown Timer Clocks
USB Lie Detector Test
Gangnam Style USB Drive
Solar Powered Robotic Pool Skimmer is a Green Way to Remove Greens from Your Ool
Underwater Scuba Mp3 Player
Snack Sausage iPhone Stylus Popular in Korea
Plush Rose is One of the Weirdest Cell Phone Holders Ever
Apple Chair
Loki Mug is Definitely Not Low Key
R2D2 Lunchbox
Pac-Man Hat Might be the Greatest Hat Ever
WiiPod is an iPod in a Wiimote
Plush DNA Molecules
Wood Camera Tape Dispenser
Golf Ball USB Drive
Does Your Dog Really Need to Sit at the Table with You?
Jar Tops Give Your Jars Functionality
Automatic Self-Portrait Drawing Machine
Surfboard Core Trainer
Fold Flat Grater from Joseph Joseph
Oppopet Wireless Mice Have Tails
Retractable Ice Tip Cane
Endless Peeling Banana Toy for People Who Really Like to Peel Bananas
USB Hub: Form of a Cat
Solar Powered Keyboard from Logitech
GloPillow Wakes You Up By Lighting Up
Handerpants: Underwear for your Hands
Animal Scales- You’re a Fat Hog
Kindle DX from Amazon Announced, Available to Order
Tetris Ice Cube Tray
My Little Pony Stormtrooper is a Mutant Toy
Steve Jobs Swarovski Crystal Covered iPhone 5 Case
World of Warcraft Mana Energy Drink
Circle Gets the Square: Round GPS Unit from Art Lebedev
Play Doctor with Stetheadphones
New Kisai Round Trip Watch from Tokyoflash
USB Mini Monkey Lamp
USB Squirming Tentacle
World’s Largest Word Search Shower Curtain
Emoji Pillows
Sonic the Hedgehog MP3 Player
Giveaway!! Tokyoflash Keisan Silver LED Watch
Wireless Mailbox Alert Chime
UFO Webcam has both a Fan and Microphone
Pac Man Painted Pumpkins for your Perfect Party
Hendekagram is a Gramophone Earbud Amplifier
12 Pack Vending Machine
Thera Cane is a Back Massage Cane
The Most Ridiculous Custom Cars You Will Ever See
Star Wars Golf Head Covers: May the Fore! be with You
Gift Ideas for Boys
Carpet Bocce Brings the Bowling Game Indoors
Rinser Toothbrush Turns into a Drinking Fountain
Flash Drive Family Car USB Hub
Two Different Ways to Take Your Dog With You
Storm Trooper and Pac-Man Garters for the Sexy Geekette
Stars Wars Fishing Rod and Tackle Box
Skateboard iPhone Case is Impractical, Cool
Punctirus Bracelet/Necklace from Art Lebedev
Beamer iPhone Case Adds a Flash to your iPhone 3G/3GS
Vintage Style Furniture with Pixel Art
Greenbo Rail Mounted Planters
Bean Bag Sled
Cardboard Radio Giveaway
Review: Eton Rover Emergency Radio Charger Flashlight
Lipton Tea Bag, Bag
Strawberry USB Optical Mouse
Phoneballs is the Ballsiest iPhone Case Ever
Eiffel Tower USB Flash Drive
United States Map Bookshelf
Murakami Rocking Chair Powers It’s Own Lamp
Super Mario Cat Playground
Add a Rotary Phone Handset to your Cell Phone
Swann Wireless Doormat Alarm
Atari Game Cartridge Compacts
Japanese Cup Edge Sitting Figurines
Japanese Sensu Handheld Fan USB Flash Drive
Faucet with Electronic Thermostat Built In
LED Light Up Newton’s Cradle
Skateboard Guitar Rocks n’ Rolls
Stealthy Vulcan Salute Sweatshirt
USB Squirming Tentacle
The Mouse Meets the Pen with the Eco 100
Lightbulb Turned Oil Lamp
USB Dog Hub with Removable Head Radio
Self Destructing Pixel Coffee Table
Nubrella The No Hands Umbrella
LEGO Statue of Liberty Set
180 Reversible Pen
10 Geeky Pi Items to Help Celebrate Pi Day (3.14)
Seed Money, Your Money Will Really Grow
Cup Holder Adapter is a Mobile Charging Station
Scocket: Scarf with an iPod Pocket
R2-D2 Kitchen Timer
Double Helix LED Lantern
Disco Planet Double Disco Ball Light
What a bunch of Geeks!
The Mouse Meets the Pen with the Eco 100
Jewelry Box Uses USB and a Fingerprint Reader for Security
USB Hedgehog Massager and Hand Warmer
Cat Fanny Pack
Cell Phone to Home Phone Adapter
Flying F#*k Helicopter Doesn’t Give a Flying…
Nintendo Controller Notebook
Wall Climbing Graffiti Robot is the New REVS
Razor Phone Can Really Shave You (and Make Calls)
Bubble Baby Bed is Clearly the Best
Cordless Motion Activated Light
Wear Your Meme: Nyan Cat Tie
Zipper Necklace is Actually Pretty Nice Looking
Belkin Surge Protector with Remote Control
The $31,500 Spaceship-Shaped Star Wars and Star Trek Playing Music Box
Blue Man Group Percussion Tubes Toy
Inflatahands Giant Inflatable Hands
Satechi Compact USB Surge Protector
Puppy Speakers!!! Puppies!! Puppies!!!!
USB Rubber Chicken Drive
Altoids Tin Catapult- Curiously Childlike
Space Invaders Dog Coat for the Nerdiest Dog on the Block
Bubble Blowing R2-D2
Cool Touch Microwave Bowl
Spill Proof Salsa Bowl
Purse with Built-In Nintendo System and Controllers
Deodorant That Plays Rocky Theme Song When You Open It
Rolling Fireplace Makes Your Fireplace More Dangerous
DIY USB Lipstick Flash Drive
Weiner Dog Ear Buds
Light Up Wee Wee Aim Ball
Table Flipping Video Game Lets You Go All Real Housewives of New Jersey on it
12 Pack Vending Machine
Shark with a Frickin’ Laser Pointer
Pulsing Headphone Equalizer T-Shirt
High Top Sneakers that Unzip to Become Flip Flops
Toilet Theme Restaurant
Really Cool Looking Space Invaders Cutting Board
Star Wars Folded Flyers Paper Airplanes Kit
Your Pen Sir: Knight Pen Holder
Stiga Introduces a $20,000 Ping Pong Table
The Real T-Mobile
United States Scratch Off Map
Panamap is a Map with Three Views in One
Crosley iJuke Tabletop iPod Jukebox
Pixel Cat Shelf
Shoe Cell Phone Holder
Poo-Pourri and Trap-a-Crap
Beer Koozie with a Thermometer
Wearable Dog Poop Catching Gizmo
DIY Dinosaur iPhone Dock Roaaar