Da Vinci Code Mini Lockbox

Pretend you’re Tom Hanks and talk to a volleyball with this… no wait reboot, let’s try again… pretend you’re a slightly older and a little bit jaded and maybe at times just kind of going through the motions Tom Hanks and hide your stuff in a Da Vinci Code Cryptex puzzle box. To unlock this thing you turn the six cylinders, each fully equipped with all 26 letters of the English alphabet, arranged for your viewing pleasure in alphabetical order. Which is the best order for alphabets, according to 9 out of 10 linguistic professors surveyed just now. Facts.

Also a fact is that there are 11,881,376 different possible permutations which according to our calculations, if you tried one combination per second, you can guess it by the time the next Da Vinci Code sequel comes out. Not really sure what you could hide in there, besides maybe a clue or an engagement note or a golf pencil. It’s made of brass and seems to be pretty solid and well constructed according to the reviews. Great gift for puzzle fans, Tom Hanks fan (that’s right, singular), Da Vinci Code fans, and people who already have everything and are super hard to shop for because they have expensive tastes and are super picky and get all snobby and weird about gifts and it’s awkward for everyone involved. You know who you are.