Motion Sensing Neutron LED Watch from Tokyoflash

tokyoflash neutron
Check out the latest futuristic watch from Tokyoflash- it’s the Kisai Neutron and it’s got a neat trick hidden in those curved LED bars. To display the time either press the button or twist your wrist- this watch has a motion sensor! Flick your wrist and the time’s digits display one at a time in bright LED’s on the watch.
tokyoflash motion sensing watch
It lights up like a Daft Punk concert. You actually can set it to always display if that’s how you live your life- on the wild side (or at imaginary Daft Punk shows). It does the date too. The time display has multiple mode choices- either pulsing as the numbers change or scrolling. Check out the demo video for a better look:

Very Tron-like. The battery recharges via USB. The watch comes in 8 different color combinations made from the 3 different case colors and 3 LED colors.

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