Cook from Scratch with a Turntable Cheese Grater

dj cheese grater
Make a meal from scratch, DJ style with the DJ Grater. This little metal cheese grater looks just like a turntable. The control knobs on the right are actually spaghetti measurers. Just like a real DJ you can grate your cheese coarsely or finely. Yes that’s what DJ’s do, after they hit play on their iPods, right? I have no idea what they really do, but they look good doing it.
dj grater
It’s a super fun kitchen accessory for the music lover and cheese lover. Not to mention lovers of cheesy music. All the major DJ’s have this in their kitchens- DJ Fusilli Jerry, DJ Vinny Linguini, DJ Parmesan Ron, DJ Baked Ziti, and of course DJ Riga-Tony.