ColorWare Grip for iPad Adds a Handle

It would be a lot easier to tote around your iPad if it had a handle you could hold on to. Not a problem thanks to ColorWare who has introduced The Grip for iPad. The Grip is made from aircraft grade aluminum to create a case and handle to protect and hold your iPad with. As the ColorWare brand name would suggest, it’s available in a bunch of different colors.

It looks like a cool product that turns your iPad into a little briefcase or purse-like object and makes it easier to hold but there is one major drawback: the price. The Grip costs $300. Let’s write that again putting a period after each digit and letter for emphasis: 3.0.0. d.o.l.l.a.r.s. Three freakin’ hundred. 30,000 cents. That’s nearly as much as the cheapest iPad itself costs.

6 thoughts on “ColorWare Grip for iPad Adds a Handle

  1. check out!

    Its an aluminum case with a handle, milled and made in the USA

    Similar but at a way better price!

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