UpRight Sleeper

Sleep sitting up with the UpRight Sleeper. This oddball contraption holds up your head while keeping your neck straight so your head won’t fall forward or sideways while you sleep. Nothing worse than some random dude’s greasy head flopping into you on public transportation. Nothing I say. Great for subways, trains, air travel, even boring classes (pair this with a pair of sunglasses and you’re golden my friends). Embarrassed to be seen looking like your head is mounted bicycle car rack? Try the cover:

Oooh stylish. Yes, it’s an optional accessory for your head holder. The UpRight Sleeper is fully adjustable, slightly ridiculous. It even folds up so you can always have it with you.

5 thoughts on “UpRight Sleeper

    1. lol. so if you use this while driving, we recommend blasting the music and keeping the window open so you stay awake and putting extra mirrors on your windshield so you can see your blind spot. be safe out there people!

  1. Dear Sir/ Madam,

    Please tell me if I order 10 Pcs. How much I should paid in H.K.Dollars


    Eva Ma

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