Car Cup Holder for Large Water Bottles

Have you seen the size of water bottles and travel mugs today? Absolute units. Just like the size of people’s bladders that are walking around with these fifty gallon tubs of water like they haven’t had a drink in two weeks. Is that you? And you like to take those big ol’ jugs with you in the car but your car’s puny cupholders can’t handle bottles holding half a lake? Get this Cup Holder Expander and fit almost any size into your vehicle.

Yeah it fits most of the common reusable bottles you probably spent too much money on- Yeti, Hydroflask, Nalgene all the big players. It’d be a shame to have such a fancy water bottle and then have to *gasp* leave in on your passenger seat. What if you actually have a passenger? Put it in the cupholder where it belongs. There’s even a slot cut out that you can use if you have a wide mug with a handle- see the handle fits right in there nicely:

You spin the base to expand or contract it so it can fit snuggly into your tiny little cupholder. Clickthrough for the exact measurements, to be sure your bottle and car are both a good fit. Otherwise you may have to buy a new car just to fit the cup holder and your drink, and that would be a shame.