Lite Brite Cubed

Lite Brite is one of those classic enduring childhood games that will never go out of style. Not much has changed with the Lite Brite over the years because it’s just so simple and perfect, it doesn’t need updating. Arrange the pegs, make a design, light it up. Until now. What’s better than a single Lite Brite board? Try a four sided Lite Brite Cube!!! More sides, more fun. Now up to four of your kids can play with the Lite Brite at the same time (Octomom, Jon and Kate Plus 8, Angelina- you’re going to need at least two of these). It has two integrated storage drawers, 10 refill sheets (8 design picture sheets and 2 free form sheets), light bulb, and over 400 pegs! Ages 4 and up.

Lite Brite Cubed Product Page

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