Hitch Safe Lets You Store Valuables Safely in your Trailer Hitch

trailer hitch safe
The HitchSafe Key Vault puts a combination locked safe into your car or truck’s trailer hitch. Whether you just want to keep a spare set of keys attached to your car in case of emergency or you’re an outdoor enthusiast who doesn’t want to take their keys with them when doing activities like hiking, surfing, swimming, horseback riding or playing sports. There’s nothing worse than coming back from a full day hike to find you’ve dropped your keys somewhere along the trail. Trust me on that one.

This easy to install safe is made of sturdy solid heavy-gauge metal with a heavy duty rubber dust cover. The safe is secured via a four digit combination lock and you can set it to your own combination (mine’s typically 1234, FYI). The HitchSafe is large enough to store up to 9 spare keys plus credit cards and driver’s license. It’s gotten almost overwhelmingly positive reviews on Amazon, so it looks like a pretty good product for traveling or general use- certainly more secure than a magnetic box stuck under your bumper.

9 thoughts on “Hitch Safe Lets You Store Valuables Safely in your Trailer Hitch

  1. Wow, this is one of those inventions where you say “why didn’t I think of that?” I was questioning this idea though a bit on how it secures inside the receiver until I went to their website and watched the videos. Pretty awesome. Has two sliding bars that secures the pins from the inside and only by knowing the combination to the drawer can the unit be removed. Just ordered it.

  2. bom dia eu tenho um controle remoto para abrir as porta de meu carro o qual tem a marcar de voces gostaria de saber se a possibilidade de comprar direto ou se tem algun revendedor aqui em são paulo desde ja obrigado

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