Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser

Having touchless accessories like Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser. and the Hands Free Infrared Trash Can in your kitchen can help prevent cross contamination and are just plain cool. Everybody loves kitchen gadgets! This automatic paper towel dispenser has the added bonus of conserving paper.

The dispenser has an infrared sensor that, when activated by your hand waving in front of it, advances the roll one sheet. An optical scanner recognizes the perforations in the paper towel so it knows exactly how much to unroll (you can set it for 1, 2 or half-sheets) no matter what brand of paper towel you use. Then the dispenser grips the paper towel roll so that you can tear off the paper towel without getting your greasy hands all over the rest of the roll. It comes in red, silver, or white for $79.95 from Hammacher.