Air Conditioned Ass Cushion

We all get a little sweaty in posterior region while sitting for long periods of time playing WoW, or as CrunchGear says get “swampass”. Well with this new butt gadget, that is no longer a concern. The Suzukaze is an air conditioned pillow you sit on to keep your rear cool.

How cool exactly? Glad I asked since I have a pretty decent comparison if I do say so myself- as cool as Bruce Springsteen’s blue jeans and red bandana ass on the cover of Born in the USA (the opposite of Beyonce booty, which would be hot- not cool).

Besides costing you a small amount of dignity at having to require an air conditioned cushion to keep your behind from sweating and having people stare at an adult diaper looking device on your chair every time you get up to leave, the Suzukaze costs a mere 5 cents a day in electricity. A small price to pay for a sweat free posterior.

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