Magnetic Levitating UFO Bluetooth Speaker

This is for sure one of the coolest speakers we’ve seen. It’s literally floating. Or least the top half is. If you can bet the bottom part to float too, call us, we’ve got a proposal for ya, probably not that illegal. This Levitating Bluetooth Speaker uses the magical and mysterious power of magnets (how do they work?) to make the speaker float in mid-air. Meanwhile it can also spin around like an alien carousel full of little aliens riding cows around in a circle. Why do aliens like cows so much anyway?

So the speaker, yeah, the speaker connects to your phone or whatnot (probably your phone though) via bluetooth and pumps out that bassy bass with 5W audio drivers. Feel the earth move under your feet, because this speaker won’t feel the earth at all since it’s floating. There is a rechargeable battery in there since we’ve yet to develop anything better. Perhaps some actual aliens could help us out a bit on that front? Please? We’ll give you more cows.

This speaker looks pretty sleek, and has a modern look with it’s glowing light. It’s an instant party, just like aliens like to do. Party with cows. You can also just use the UFO top part on it’s own with the base, but what fun would that be?