Timbre Speaker Uses Glass Bowls to Adjust the Sound

timbre speaker
This elegant speaker design by Casey Lin takes a speaker back to a minimalist form. It might look like a pair of fruit bowls but it’s really a sound machine. The walnut box houses a pair of vibrating surface transducers that send the sound vibrations up through the glass bowls instead of a typical speaker cone. Moving the glass bowls around the box changes the timbre of the sound (hence the name Timbre Speaker). Here’s the demo video:

The speaker takes the minimalist approach even further by eliminating all knobs and dials except a single combine power/volume knob. Audio and power ports are hidden in the back. Instead of an equalizer, you just move the bowls. You could try different types of bowls of varying sizes and materials to play with the sound. Maybe even some with fruit in them (like an Apple maybe? obvious joke is obvious). (via yanko)