Quilted Ice Scraper Mitt

Keep your hands warm and your car windows clear this winter with a Columbia Quilted Ice Scraper Mitt. Great for clearing ice off your windshield without having to go through the whole putting on gloves process- just pick it up and scrape. You can even use your other hand to hold your coffee. Doubles as a the beginnings of a Wolverine costume too.

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  • […] File this one under “awesome inventions that anyone could have made, but nobody did… until now”. It’s an oh-so-clever blend of mitten and ice scraper, with a dash of brilliance. Now, we rarely use ice scrapers here in sunny Az., but when things freeze over, you can bet that our sun-baked bods are feeling coooold. I haven’t actually had to scrape ice off a windshield in a decade- it’s no wonder that our photo holiday cards make all the relatives jealous. It also makes my house the go-to destination for winter holidays. source […]

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