Ottoman That Converts to a Bed

If you are living in tight quarters or just need to be able to house a large number of guests on a moment’s notice, then the Converting Bed Ottoman Frame might be ideal for your home. It quickly unfolds from a ottoman to rest your feet to a bed to rest your head. The three foam cushions unfurl into a 77 inch long bed that’s about 2 feet square when folded up. A slip cover hides the frame so it appears like a normal ottoman. Combine this with the couch that coverts to a bunk bed and you’d have a transforming living room furniture set that could sleep an army (well a very small army anyway- like maybe the A-team or some other small group of elite soldiers, and BA Baracus would still probably have to sleep on the floor but you get the idea). Costs $199.98 from Taylor Gifts.

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