Cloak Bag Lets You Take Pictures Without Taking Out Your Camera

Cloak Bags are a new type of camera bag for your DLSR or SLR camera that let you take photos without having to remove your camera from the bag. It’s “world’s first and only shoot-through camera bag”. These bags are great for people who want to walk around with an expensive SLR camera to take pictures but don’t want to advertise the fact that they are walking around with an expensive SLR camera. Sure other backpacks and bags can hold your camera inconspicuously but none make it as easy to quickly snap a picture as the Cloak Bag.

Here’s how it works-the bags look like a normal small lightweight nylon bag but with a few major differences. Most importantly is that the bottom of the bag unzips and rolls up which allows you to quickly flip up the bag to take pictures without even opening the bag:

Your camera is secured within the bag itself using a slotted screw that goes into your tripod mount and through the bag as well as via the included (matching) replacement camera strap that attaches to the bag as well. There are slits on the side of the bag that enable you to grip the camera and use the shutter button easily. The top of the bag flips open for quick viewfinder and camera control access. You can get the Cloak Bag for $49 at the Cloak Bags website in your choice of two colors.

12 thoughts on “Cloak Bag Lets You Take Pictures Without Taking Out Your Camera

  1. The title worried me for a moment.
    Used to work in an environment where paedophiles with ‘hidden’ cameras was a worry / threat. (Childrens Park)
    However, this seems ok – very relieved!

  2. That’s actually pretty cool. I thought it’s just a regular camera bag, but it turned out to be something really useful. I also found many interesting camera accessories

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