Giant Kevin Bacon Head Made of….Bacon

Ain’t no fakin this bacon. It’s a giant Kevin Bacon bust made out of bacon. Not entirely solid bacon but bacon bits glued onto a styrofoam base. Then again, it’s just a Bacon head and therefore not entirely Bacon either. So to get technical here, it’s a bit of bacon bits bit of Bacon. I think my brain just exploded trying to calculate that one. That’s about 3 degrees of Kevin Bacon bits by my count.

This Bacon bust was made for charity and you can own it if you bid on the eBay auction (as of post time it wasn’t too expensive, considering). It comes on a classy marble slab too. Created by Mike Lahue over a 3 month period, it took 7 bottles of bacon bits to make (one of which he snacked on and didn’t even use for the head!) Because nobody can resist bacon or Bacon.

via gizmodo

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