Read an Email, Get an M&M

email notifier
Ever wish you could be rewarded for reading your emails? With the DIY Edible Email Notifier, every time you read an email, you get an M&M. Candy! Who can resist a sweet little piece of chocolate? Nobody. Send me more emails! Created by Kathryn McElroy, the EEN was made using an Arduino processor, a stepper motor, and of course a wine bottle.
email notifier system
The Arduino runs a script to check the number of unread messages on your computer ever 20 seconds. If the number goes down it means you’ve read an email and the motor moves and drops a reward M&M into the glass.
mm email notifier
The EEN was presented at the Maker Faire 2013. Let’s see how it works in this video:


Of course now you have a great excuse for not reading someone’s email to you- “sorry I couldn’t read your email, I’m on a diet”. With the amount of emails I get, I’d be a blimp by the end of the week. Heck, I’d start sending emails to myself just to get an M&M.