Instant Badminton Court

instant badminton
You never know when you’re going to want to play a round of badminton so it’s best to always travel with a badminton court. With this Instant Badminton Court you get everything you need to play in an easily transportable set. This freestanding set can be set up anywhere- lawn, driveway, beach, or any flat surface- no need to put stakes in the ground. The set folds up into this included zippered case:
instant badminton bag
The net sets up without tools to form an 11.5″ wide court while the base holds it in place. The set includes four badminton racquets and a pair of shuttlecocks so up to four people can play. Weighs just 9 pounds. And now you’re ready for any pop-up badminton challenges that come your way.

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