Cardboard Radio Giveaway

If you read our review of the Cardboard Radio you’ll know that we think it’s a really cool and useful thing to have. So cool that we’ve convinced Convenient Gadget & Gifts to sponsor this sweepstakes and give one away to a lucky reader. Here’s what it looks like:

Basically it’s a battery (included!) powered portable radio in a cardboard shell that you can decorate any way you want. Like this (or not):

Paint it to match your decor. Sticker it up. Doodle. Write your name on it so nobody takes it. Limitless possibilities. The world is your oyster. Draw an oyster world on it. Have your favorite musician sign it. It also has a cord so you can plug in your iPod and use it as a powered speaker. It’s pretty loud too. And it can be yours, if your comment is chosen at random (or if you buy one, or both).

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The sweepstakes rules:

  1. This sweepstakes will run now through October 10th, 2011 10pm Eastern time.
  2. One entry per person (yes we can tell if you enter more than once).
  3. Leave a comment to enter.
  4. We will choose one winner at random from the comments below.
  5. This contest is open to residents of the US only.
  6. We’re on Facebook, are you? Give us the thumbs up and share this contest with your friends, family and “Facebook friends” you talked to like once in high school.
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  8. Be sure to leave a valid email in the email field when you comment so we can contact you if you win.
  9. Your email won’t be visible to other visitors on the site and will ONLY be used to contact the winner.
  10. Good luck!
  11. Congrats to the randomly picked winner Steve H (10/6 1:27am), who plans on drawing a picture of his cat on it.

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