Motorized Electric Roller Skates

Remember when you actually had to push with your legs to use roller skates? Now with a little something we call “electricity” you can have Electric Skates and cruise around on skates without actually doing any work. An 80 watt motor in each skate moves you along at up to 8mph in skates that strap on over your regular shoes (men sizes 6-14, ladies 7-15.5).

A wireless remote control is used to both stop with the electronic brakes and go. You can also drag the heel stopper to slow down. The rechargeable batteries in each skate provide up to 40 minutes of continual power, enough to go about 6 miles. Removable training wheels are included. Now they do cost quite a bit more than roller skates ($699) but for convenient electronic transportation that you can fit in your bag when you’re not using them, you’d be hard pressed to find something better.