Reduce Fat (from your wallet) with a Hip Roller

Looking to reduce fat in your hips and legs? We here at Craziest Gadgets world headquarters are always on the forefront of fat reducing technologies, so we’re proud to present the Hip Roller. Dieting and exercise? Hahahahalolz those time honored weight loss methods are for suckers. All you need to do is roll this thing on your hips and watch the fat drip off like a rotisserie chicken at Boston Market.

How to reduce fat on hips easily? After showering, roll the hip roller starting from the upper leg upwards to the hip. Repeat 7 times on each leg every day. Apply body slimming cream while rolling for better result.

The important part is that you do it exactly seven times. Any less and it won’t work. Any more and you’re wasting your time. It’s science people, can’t argue with science. And remember people, be our friend on Facebook because later today we will be having an exclusive offer where one of our FB fans will be able to purchase a bridge in Brooklyn for a VERY reduced price.