Anyone can Unicycle with a Gyroscopic Electric Unicycle

Riding a unicycle is a difficult skill that most people can’t master (or even want to try). But the Gyroscopic Electric Unicycle makes unicycling easy and fun for everyone. It uses a set of gyroscopic sensors to keep you balanced while standing on the folding foot pads. Meanwhile the solowheel’s 1,000 watt electric motor propels you along at up to 10mph. To accelerate and steer you simply do a subtle lean in the direction you want to go.

It’s like a super portable Segway! Great for urban transportation or just for fun. Gyros are turning up everywhere- remember the Gyrowheel training wheel? The lithium-ion rechargeable battery in this unicycle can go for two hours on a two hour charge. The 16″ wheel is designed with a casing to avoid pant legs from snagging. Includes a handle for portability and AC adapter. It weighs 25lbs and costs $1800 from Hammacher.

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