Rollerblade Rollercoaster is Really Radically Ridiculous

rollerblade rollercoaster
Chalk this one up as another thing you’ll never catch me doing. Dirk Auer (or as I call him- the world’s craziest man) loves his in-line skates- in fact he holds the world speed record at 190 mph after being dragged by a Porsche. So let’s make that two things you’ll never catch me doing. Well now Dirk has gone ahead and rollerbladed a rollercoaster.

The Mammoth is a 2822 foot long wooden rollercoaster in Stuttgart. Auer modded his in-line skates specifically for the project. After two months of planning and 110 hours of work to create the 16 wheeled coaster-hugging skates, Auer was ready to roll. He hit the first 98 foot drop, reaching a top speed of 56 mph (same speed as the normal rollercoaster cars normally hit on that track) and covered the half mile long track in 60 seconds. Here’s the wild video:

Impressive leg muscles, buddy. Here’s way more information than you ever needed or wanted to know about the Mammoth Rollercoaster.

dailymail via dvice

Updated 2:06pm with new video- old one was removed by YouTube.

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