Disco Roller Skates Tape Dispenser

roller tape
If your childhood pretty much consisted of hearing Eye of the Tiger, Gloria, and the Flashdance theme while moving around at high speeds in an oval under pulsating disco lights, then this is the tape dispenser for you my friends. Roller Tape Neon Tape is a pair of brightly colored Scotch tape rolls encased in a lace up old-school roller skate made of cardboard sure to Take My Breath Away. Clear the floor, couples only right now, because we’re All Out of Love.
roller skates tape
Break out the curling irons, leg warmers and spandex. No color is bright enough. Shoulder pads for men and women. Headbands. Caribbean Queen? Oh yeah baby, now we’re sharing the same dream. Comes with pink and green tape. It’s a real Maneater. Ladies and gentlemen, my memory has just been sold because I’m taping with the Queen of Hearts. Might as well Jump.