Hot Tub Boat

Normally you need to be on a cruise ship or a mega-yacht to be in a hot tub on a boat. But not with the HotTug, the 6-8 person hot tub that’s also a boat. The Hot Tug has a wood-fired stove to keep the water in the hot tub toasty warm as you motor around powered by a built-in electric motor or a conventional outboard motor. I suppose you could use it without the water in it too:

When the boat is filled, it’s almost as if nothing is between you and the river water (save for a narrow rim). Plus I guess you don’t have to worry about baling out this boat. You could cruise around in a bathing suit in the middle of Winter. The boat is motoring around Rotterdam these days, available for rentals, or you can purchase one (worldwide delivery) for your home.