Ice Ice Baby- Ice Face Massage Roller

ice face roller
Now that Winter is nearly here, it’s time to start thinking about ice therapy. Yes- rolling frozen objects around on your face and body will relieve sore muscles, reduce tension, and cool you down (or so they claim). The perfect gadget to use is not an ice cube and some tongs but the Ice Face Facial Massage Pain Tension Relief Roller from ChiActivate.

Simply place the ice face roller in the fridge and when you need some relief take it out and roll it all over your achy body. No wires, batteries, or messy attachments. Just cold relief. Other uses they suggest for this miracle product: reducing after shave burn, preventing wrinkles, reducing puffy eyes, relieving sore muscles, headaches, sprains, carpel tunnel syndrome, and tennis elbow. Ice, is there anything you can’t do?

4 thoughts on “Ice Ice Baby- Ice Face Massage Roller

  1. Sounds pretty convenient.
    Though other than ice, there should be a version for heat–
    So you can pretty much open up the pores for cleaning then close it with these.

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