Iceless Backyard Skating Rink

Backyard ice skating- it’s not just for people in Minnesota anymore! That should be the slogan. Well with the NHL’s expansion into warmer climates like Las Vegas and the South, there’s definitely more interest in playing at home. No need to head out to an ice skating rink or wait for a pond to freeze (or have Dad stand outside with a garden hose for hours before Zamboni’ing it with a broom handle and a bucket of water), skate anytime year round, anywhere with the Iceless Skating Rink. But how does it work? I’m glad you asked.

Magic. It works by magic. The magic of durable polymer panels that is. These magical panels are infused with a slick-enhancing agent which keeps them, well, slick. No need to spray anything on them to keep them slippery. You can use any standard ice skates on it. The 12 included panels interlock to form a 15′ by 23′ rink or 11.5′ by 30′ rink. Or line ’em all up into one long row to practice your speed skating. You can even use it indoors, perhaps in a garage or basement or living room if you’re cool. Also works for practicing figure skating so you can Triple Lutz all day every day 365 baby.