Sunny Day in May Roundup

It’s a beautiful day here, so take your laptop outside and check out what’s going on our other sites. Have you entered our Giveaway yet? It’s for an iPod/iPhone/MP3 speaker case worth $70. Ends Monday night so go go go.

If you’re new to Craziest Gadgets, you might want to check out our Random page which has 40 random posts in an impressive visual array. We have something like 4000 posts in our archive, so it’s very different each time.

This week on our other sites:

ChugBuzz has the scoop on the man who’s 79th false call to 911 was for a beer run as well as drinking gadgets.

The always hungry Gluttoner got the lowdown on Triple Double Oreos, an extreme pizza delivery (in a snowcat!) and more food related stuff.

Funniest Gadgets posted the Wearable Tent which is about ridiculous looking as it sounds.

Our cool home stuff site showed off Plumen Designer Light Bulbs, the world’s first designer CFL and other neat home goods.

Our television recap site started writing about the Real Housewives of New Jersey. Holy drama batman!