Gadgets Roundup: Would’ve Posted These This Week if Not for Beer

Every week at the Craziest Gadgets home office here in Gadgetville, USA, we find cool new gadgets to write about and every week we go out and drink beer instead of actually writing about them. We call this feature: Gadgets Roundup. Why? Because we couldn’t think of a better name (because we’re drunk). If you have a better name, leave a comment, maybe we’ll use it. Here’s what you would have seen if we weren’t on the sauce:

    Napster drops their prices to $5 for 5 DRM-free MP3 downloads plus unlimited streaming from their library of 7 million songs. If you were going to buy 5 songs a month anyway, it’s like getting free streaming service. Not a bad deal really.

    Musical condoms shaped like animals that glow in the dark? ‘Nuf said. (Gizmodo)

    A stuffed animal monkey that you can draw glow in the dark designs on his stomach and ears with a special UV pen. Kids, today’s lesson is graffiti. Can you spell graffiti? (nerd approved)

    Working flamethrower made from LEGO Technics sounds like an ideal father/son project for this weekend. (Techeblog)

    Incredible video of a crazy guy on a Segway with a Steadicam as he jumps off the Segway onto the stage and circles the performer seamlessly. (BB Gadgets)

    Riding the coattails of the Snuggie (or blankettails if you will) is The Wearable Towel- a towel with two arm holes in it so you can wear it- tunic style or toga style. I wish I was making this up, but this is an actual product. (crunchgear)

    Command option Z it with Mac Keyboard pillows. (geeky gadgets)

    Super Mario Bros handpainted dresser. Cool, geeky, fun. (walyou, technabob)

    Mario mushroom vibrating massage pillow. (geek alerts)

    Random non-gadget link of the week: “the premier online repository for pictures of dogs in bee costumes”. You don’t want to know how many non-premier sites I had to wade through to find this premier site for you guys.

And now back to the beer.

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