Mid-May Roundup

It’s officially the middle of May, which has nothing to do with anything. Let’s see what you May have missed on our other sites this week:

Funniest Gadgets brought us the iStuck Chewing Gum iPhone Stand that looks like a piece of gum.

ChugBuzz showed us Wine Diapers, leakproof absorbent bags for traveling with bottles of wine in your luggage as well as some cool openers and drinking gadgets.

Gluttoner brought us photos from a meat fest where a group barbecued an entire 800 pound cow at once and other fun food related posts. Who’s hungry?

Our TV recaps site, Airings went bonkers over the Durbinsanity from the American Idol results show and is gearing up for the Survivor finale.

Last but not least was our “cool stuff” site which brought the Salvador Dali watch with mustache hands and other cool household objects.

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