Working Urinal Made of SNES Video Game Cartridges

It’s the ultimate mancave accessory- a urinal made from Super Nintendo video game cartridges. The folks at pricecharting got all handy and geeky and made this working urinal from old video games. If you’ve ever wanted to pee right on that annoying dog from Duck Hunt or John Madden’s face, this is right up your alley. Most importantly for any bathroom fixture, how’s the drainage?

It took 8 hours of labor and $250 worth of supplies to build- not counting the video games themselves. There’s a lot of glue and waterproof sealant involved, plus your standard bathroom plumbing. It’s an advanced DIY project.

But does it work? Yes is it does and we’ve got the proof. Let’s roll the video (don’t worry it’s just a flushing video):

Looks like it won’t eat up your water bills either 8). Nice work guys.
(via geekologie)

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