Early Summer Roundup from our Other Sites

Wow it’s already mid-July and while you’re sitting poolside with a frozen cocktail, I bet you’re wondering what sort of stuff is being posted on our other sites. Here’s a sampling of what you missed this week- follow each site’s Facebook or RSS feed to catch everything.

Did you see Gluttoner‘s post about the Hoffsicle, a David Hasselhoff popsicle? You can’t make that up. Another highlight was the 2011 NYC Pizza Run, a combination running and eating event- 2 miles and 3 slices of pizza.

Visitors to our drinking gadgets site, ChugBuzz caught sight of the Pistol Flask, which comes in a holster and looks like a real pistol except it holds liquor. Can you say disaster waiting to happen?

Inhabits showed us some cool household goodies including the @ sign mug, cool Punkt Alarm Clock, and a Barn Dog House.

Over on our TV recap site Airings we’re writing about the return of Big Brother which we can summarize in 3 extremely cringeworthy words: Return of Brenchel.

Our newest site to launch is Craziest.net which is lots of crazy, funny, cool, geeky, fails, weird, and strange pictures and videos that don’t fit anywhere else like a woman who got 29 double-yolk eggs in a single carton, a Boston Terrier making funny faces, and a squirrel crossing a Lamborghini.

Funniest Gadgets posted about the I’m Not Listening Earplugs and other novelty and gag items.

And if that’s not enough, check out our Random page which has 40 random posts in an impressive visual array. There’s close to 4000 posts in our archive, so it’s very different each time.

Might as well plug our Deals Page here, where we have promo codes for stores like Hammacher, SkyMall, Vat19, and TaylorGifts and more.

More plugs? How about Craziest Gadgets Facebook, Craziest Gadgets Twitter, Craziest Gadgets Merchandise, you can buy a 300×100 sidebar advertisement on the site for $85/month, I’m reading this book: Luncheonette: A Memoir, only up to chapter 3 but so far so good….more plugs- hmmm what else- oh my little cousin is having a bake sale at her school, remember to support our veterans, eat your vegetables and shop local. Ok that covers all the plugs.

Have a nice weekend everyone.