Late July Roundup from Our Other Sites

Hey did you know we have other sites where you can enjoy the same erratic posting schedule and nonsensical grammatical nightmares we feature here but about different types of stuff? Here’s some recent highlights:

Gluttoner had the scoop on South Park Cheesy Poofs, coming soon to a store near you. You can also learn why Yoda can’t order a pizza– lol you will.

ChugBuzz showed off a wall-mountable beer pong set and some interesting shot glasses.

Funniest Gadgets featured the only cell phone holder to come with fake facial hair and solar powered dancing sushi.

Inhabits showcased pebble shaped stackable salt, pepper, dipping sauce sets, paper pot tissue holders and other cool stuff for your home.

Airings is still giving you Big Brother recaps (it’s starting to get good in the BB house!) and Real Housewives of New Jersey rants. found a Scrabble street sign in New York City, and an amazing video of the lifecycle of balloon art at a Phish concert.

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