Roundup from Our Other Sites

Hey did you know that Craziest Gadgets has other sites? Here’s some hot posts featured on those other sites- check them out, subscribe, like on facebook, be a pal, tell a friend. Once a week we’ll give you the roundup:

Do you like food? Gluttoner does and they’ve got Five Weird Foods Depicting the Royal Wedding. If you’ve ever wanted to see Prince William in cauliflower, this is your chance.

Over on ChugBuzz, a drinking site, they’re showing off a Chair Filled with 282 Bottles of Southern Comfort.

Do you have a home? Do you like cool stuff for your home? Cool. Just asking. Check out Inhabits for quick posts on cool objects. This week brings the ABC 123 Chair, a seat made from children’s wooden alphabet blocks.

Airings has the rundown and recaps and rants about some hot reality shows; featuring Amazing Race, American Idol, America’s Next Top Restaurant, Celebrity Apprentice and Survivor.

Funniest Gadgets has the iPaw’d Plush iPad for your dog. That’s funny.