What’s Springing on our Other Sites?

Spring has sprung! Now it’s time to spring around the web to our other sites to see all the cool stuff they covered this week. Here’s the roundup of what you might have missed:

The Mr. T Teapot and other cool home stuff was shown over at Inhabits. If anyone knows tea, it’s a guy with a mohawk and obscene amounts of jewelry.

ChugBuzz brought us Ron de Jeremy rum. Yes from the legendary actor. Apparently Debbie does daiquiris now.

The always hungry Gluttoner, showed us the Burger King Meat Monster, a three meat monstronsity available only in Japan, as well as other interesting food related posts.

Airings correctly predicted Jacob Lusk’s ouster on the American Idol recap (ok not much of a stretch, he kinda sucked last week) and is getting ready to writeup the finales of several reality shows as they wind down (Amazing Race, Survivor, Celebrity Apprentice) and start up on a few more soon.

You smell that? It’s scented pens. You got it, straight from Funniest Gadgets.

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