Folding Wheels on a Collapsible Bicycle Concept

folding wheel bicycle
Bicycles that fold or collapse are usually constrained in size by their largest parts- the wheels. So in creating a design for a bicycle wheel that can fold up compactly, Victor Aleman has created a concept for what could be one of the smallest full sized collapsible bikes ever. Look at his design for the folding wheel- it’s simple yet elegant.
folding wheel bicycle wheel detail
Now of course this is purely conceptual and there’s really no telling how sturdy these wheels would be in use but the entire bicycle could theoretically be taken apart and placed in a suitcase sized container for easy transportation or storage. Sounds good just as long as I’m not the guy who has to put it back together when we get to our destination. Who knows, maybe in the future all bicycles will look like this.
folding wheel bicycle folded

tuvie via dvice

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