Flying Bicycle

flying bicycle
I believe I can fly. I believe I can touch the sky. I can also ride my bike. We may not exactly have flying cars just yet but we now have Flying Bicycles. Yes for a mere $45,000 you can own the world’s first bicycle that also doubles as an ultralight para-trike flying aircraft. Behind the seat is a powerful 2-stroke gas engine and a big ol’ propeller. Open the integrated backpack, deploy the para-wing, fire up the engine and take off.
flying bicycle in action
In the air, the bicycle is designed to cruise up to 75 miles on a full tank at low altitudes (below 4,000 feet). The triple blade carbon fiber propeller powers it along at up to 25mph. Where we’re going we don’t need roads…or a bike lane. Go wherever you want in the air. When you land, just fold up the chute and pedal away.
flying bicycle riding
The 75 pound machine works just like a regular bicycle at ground level. It’s only 4 feet wide (by about 8 feet long), so it can go in traffic and most bike lanes. And if that’s not enough transportation flexibility for you, it also folds up to fit in the trunk of your car. Now that’s a great way to commute to work. Yes, you really can go anywhere at any time now.

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