Bottle Clip Attaches a Water Bottle to your Bicycle Frame

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best. The bottle clip is a simple design concept for attaching a water bottle to a bicycle frame. It eliminates the need for a bulky water bottle carrier that will only fit specific size plastic squeeze water bottles. The Bottle Clip should fit on any regular sized bike frame and it has a threaded underside that will fit the top of any standard water bottle (or soda if you really wanted to get a little wild).
Obviously this wasn’t made for a professional cyclist as I could see the sloshing water from a half filled bottle creating an unbalanced pendulum effect but the Bottle Clip was designed by Matthias Ries to be an inexpensive bottle holder for the more casual biker. It’s just a concept right now, but I think this would be a very simple one to execute and produce (and if something similar already exists, please let me know in the comments!)

via designboom

5 thoughts on “Bottle Clip Attaches a Water Bottle to your Bicycle Frame

  1. Brilliant
    Not only simple and cost-effective, but this would be a cheap alternative to “traditional” drink holders and very accessible. These could even be modified for household or kitchen use.

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