Snowboard Bicycle Attachment

bicycle snowboard
Turn your bicycle into a snowboard (of sorts) and then right back into a mountain bike with the Bike Snowboard. This mono-ski attaches to your bicycle’s front tire for gliding down the slopes and pedaling on snow-covered trails. The best part about this board is that it attaches right to your tire and you don’t need to remove your front wheel to use it.
bicycle ski closeup
That’s flexibility. Pedal through the trails and when you hit the snow put your snowboard on. The board’s adjustable rails clamp on to most tire sizes with jaw pins and leash straps to help keep it in place. The board has a full steel edge and side-cut curved tip so you grip and carve on the packed stuff (or ice) yet are able to float atop the deep powder.
bicycle ski
As the board carves through the snow, it creates a flattened track in the snow so the back wheels can get a bit of a better grip and more pedaling power. If you’re really feeling adventurous you can strap on a 2nd board to the rear wheel and really go crazy heading downhill. Available in 3 sizes and weighs a bit under 5lbs.