Gyroscopic Bicycle Wheels Eliminate the Need for Training Wheels

Learning to ride a bicycle is something almost every kid went through and chances are you learned with a pair of training wheels. And once you got good on the training wheels, you would take them off and basically learn to ride again. Because training wheels don’t really “train” you, they just convert your bike into a tricycle (or technically a quadricycle I guess). The Gyrowheel is a 21st century way of learning to ride a bike.

The Gyrowheel has a rechargeable battery powered wheel inside the outer wheel. You attach the Gyrowheel to the front of your bicycle and the internal spinning wheel helps to stabilize the child on the bike. There are 3 stability settings so you can slowly wean the child down to balancing on their own. The Gyrowheel helps kids learn to ride bikes quicker, more efficiently and with less crashes. Plus it looks really cool (which is important for kids!). Check out the demonstration video:

The Gyrowheel installs easily with only a wrench and starts at just $89.99 for the 12 inch size.

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