Camouflage Cleaning Supplies Give you the Perfect Excuse Not to Clean

camo dustpin toolbox
Constantly being nagged to clean up around the house? If you had a camouflage dustbin and broom, you’d have the perfect excuse- “honey I would have totally cleaned up, I swear, but I couldn’t find the dustbin and broom”. Yeah that would totally never work in my house either. Well at least once you get kicked out of your house you could start building a new one with your camouflage toolbox- if you can find it.

These camo cleaning supplies are also ideal for doing housework behind enemy lines. You could bring your toolbox out into the woods and start hammering away building stuff and the deer will never even know you’re there. Cause it’s camouflaged. Available in woodgrained too in case you want your stuff to blend in with your vintage 1972 basement paneling.

alice supply at bobby berk via bltd