A Pair of Unique “House” Designs

Sometimes a house is more than just house. Here’s a pair of house style designs that do a little bit more. The first, above, is a cabin on a swing. There’s nothing more relaxing than gently swaying on a porch swing, so why not put your whole house on a swing? Obviously this is ideal for one of those tiny cabins at vacation spots and such and not a full sized house. I would have to question the practicality of that one a little bit, although conceptually it has potential for epicness. I will assume that’s just a sleeping cabin and it doesn’t have any bathroom or kitchen facilities, as that could get messy.

The second house design is for kids:
It’s a two sided desk in the shape of a small house. The neat part about this kid’s desk is that when the youngsters are done with their homework or painting on the desk, they can go under the desk, ie inside the house. It’s a dual purpose desk sure to spark the imagination. Also it’s ideal for smaller houses and apartments as it serves as both a play area and work area for the children.

via DecoPeques (sp) and new idea

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