Stand 1/4 Lights are Corner Lamps

stand 14 light1
The problem with trying to place most lamps in a corner is that they are round and the shape does not allow you to place the lamp sufficiently close enough to the wall. You end up expending a lot of light energy lighting up the space inbetween the lamp and the corner. Designer Ji Young Shon has created the Stand 1/4 Lights that solve this age old lighting problem.
stand 14 light2
The Stand 1/4 Lights fit neatly in the corner because it’s just a one fourth wedge of a typical round lamp. A simple and elegant lighting solution. It comes in both table and floor lamp styles and is ideal for small apartments because it takes up less space than a regular lamp.

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One thought on “Stand 1/4 Lights are Corner Lamps

  1. Very interesting way to fashion a corner lamp. We manufacture a CornerWall Sconce, compared to none IMHO.
    I can be controlled for Brightness, height, concealment, portable or hard wire mfg.
    mr Cookie

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