Howling Inflatable Haunted House

inflatable haunted house
Halloween is not a holiday for subtle decorations. You have to go big or go home. With inflatables you really can get a huge setup on your lawn without requiring a separate storage facility in the offseason (yuuuuuuuup). This Howling Inflatable Haunted House is the biggest decoration we could find- it’s TWELVE FEET high! While size is important, it takes a little something extra to get us excited (that’s what she said). And this one does it- because it has a trick up it’s arched doorway.
scarecrow house
When unsuspecting visitors pass through the ominous doorway of doom, the haunted house will howl, scream, and flash it’s 60 LEDs changing color from red to green. That’s right, 60 freakin’ LEDs inside there. The house has a sound sensor that activates when candy-seekers make any sort of noise in the arch- like footsteps or “trick or treat, smell my feet, give me something good to eat”.
howling house kid
In front of the house is a witch with her flaming cauldron, a leafless tree, and in the windows are a skeleton and a black cat. That covers most of your basic Halloween requirements right there. An included air blower keeps it fully blown up. Photoshopped ghost kid not included.