Nooka Camouflage Watch is Confusing But Cool

The camouflage watch from Nooka is pretty awesome. It has a modern shaped design with a camouflage coloring (available in three camo styles: Urban Jungle Grey, Balmy Army Green, and Crooklyn Remix) and a weird way of keeping track of time. To read the time in this watch you look at the top two rows for the hours; first row is for 1-6 and second row is for 7-12. The third row down is for the minutes 0-59 while the bottom row is for the seconds. So the watch pictured says it’s 3:45 or so. Nooka makes these things pretty sturdy- it’s made of stainless steel, backlit, and is water resistant. It would make a great gift for someone who’s into the camouflage look but wants to keep it classy.

You can buy Nooka watches at Amazon