Easy Under-Sink Spray Bottle Storage Solution

In most house, the under-sink area is a mess of spray bottles and other cleaning supplies all jumbled in a disorganized pile. Maybe you’re tried unders-ink shelving or bins or drawers but those rarely do the trick well. The solution is simple. Cue up the Craziest Gadget Solutions Logo! Here’s your typical before shot:

Does your sink area look like that? Oh no, worse? Let’s clean it up, or at least get all those big spray bottles out of the way (why do we have so many different ones anyway?) Just insert a simple spring mounted tension bar across the width of your cabinet and hang all your spray bottles on it:

Look at that. The bottles are out of the way and everything is easy to access. Did we just feature a basic tension bar as the gadget in this post? Yes we did. Thanks to de-cluttering genius Jen Grant Morris for this idea. So simple, yet so efficient. Now get to spring cleaning.