Flipside is a Broom and Floor Duster in One

flipside broom and mop
Get sparkling clean floors with less hassles with the Flipside by Quirky. This cleaning product combines a broom and a Swiffer-style microfiber duster mop into one convenient device. Use the broom to sweep the larger debris out of the way, then just kick the base of the Flipside to convert it to a microfiber duster to finish the job. Watch this quick demo video to see how neat it is:

Note that integrated adjustable height broom stopper on the handle that keeps the Flipside propped up against any counter or table. The microfiber pad is removable and washable and the duster swivels 360 degrees when in use. This timesaver lets you clean an area without ever putting your broom/mop down. Simple and efficient- because nobody really wants to spend more time cleaning their floors than they need to.