Gummy Bear Chandelier is a Sweet Lighting Option

A chandelier made almost entirely of gummy bears!!! It actually looks pretty good, with a touch of playfulness. It was created as part of a gummi bear art series by Ya Ya Chou who says:

In this series, I explored the relationship between food consumption and class. The bright colors and soft texture of children’s snacks construct a romantic scenario which draws my attention to the dangerous ingredient behind them. By rearranging the embellished snacks in the forms of luxury commodity, I wish to pose the questions: Who consume these foods? Who has the choice to choose?

Philosophical questions on food consumption aside, it’s pretty freakin’ awesome:

The chandelier measures 45″X21″X21″. The designer doesn’t state how many gummy bears went into this but a quick estimate by me is around 2000. That’s a lot of sugar! This is not really the ideal lighting option for a household with mischievous and candy-loving kids, lest you come home one day to find your chandelier a bit lighter and your kids a bit heavier.

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