Tuxedo Bear USB Flash Drive

tuxedo bear usb
There’s nothing classier than a tuxedo. You can take the grungiest dude in the world, slap on the ol’ penguin suit and blammo instant James Bond-like class. This bear knows all about it. He’s ready to rock the town, kick up his heels and order a dirty martini while picking up a hot female bear at the bar. He’ll break into a full fledged song and dance routine culminating in an epic version of Hello My Baby complete with tophat and cane. Then he’ll take the lady bear back to his den for a serious all night mating session. Baby tuxedo bears will come along in the spring.

This dapper 2 GB teddy bear drive called the “gentle bear” (perhaps they meant gentleman?) costs $17. Like all classy USB novelty animal drives, this bear does not use the popular yet vile “removable head” method of revealing the plug, instead opting for the ever classy belly breaking method. Stay classy, USB drives.

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